Question of the Week #12

Hiya SCG (Super Cool Gang),

I am curious to find out, how is it with you and drinking alcohol;-)

Do you drink alcohol?  If yes, what kind and what is the occasion when you drink?


Confess, so I will know what kind of drink should I offer you, when we will meet in person.

Have a super cool rest of the weekend.




  1. K. DeVore says:

    Yes – Armenian cognac [Armensky konak]. 🙂 It takes the edge off the harsh Canadian winter.

  2. hh nice question. Im that kind of person that prefer to not drink any kind of alcohol, but honestly somethimes I drink some wine or beer hh :):):)

  3. Important question indeed.

    No, I don’t drink alcohol and don’t want to. Its part of my culture & religion. Although many people in Pakistan do drink alcohol.

    But I love to drink water, tea, coffee, juices and milk. 😉

  4. Salams,

    Hi Ivana, Umm… Its prohibited for us to drink any kind of beer, wine or alcoholic drink. I would like to have fruit juice in summer and coffee in winter 😉


  5. Hi,

    I drink anything. Beer, wine and once in a while spirits. Guess it’s part of my culture 🙂

  6. I’ll have what you’re having.

  7. Ivana Sendecka says:

    Hey guys,
    thanks for your comments!
    Sidra one of SCG members, told me last week that I should answer question of the week myself too, so here it is:
    ” Water, coffee, tea and juices is what I drink. It is over one year, since I have got a feeling I don’t feel like to drink alcohol anymore. And it lasts till now and I have no idea how long furhter.”

  8. hi
    thanx for remembrance…its great to know ur ans.
    well..i hate to drink alcohol…its becoming a big source of evil in our so called islamic society too notwithstanding it is prohibited in our religion…as it is dangerous for health and conscious so its better to take healthy drinks….
    hey IVANA good job,i m sure u will continue this habbit for upcoming many more years.
    have a great start of week

  9. Balal Naeem says:

    Interesting Question 🙂

    I dont drink alcohal and i never feel like 🙂

    But i love to have fruit juces in summer and hot chocolate milk in winter.

    Have a lovely day 🙂

  10. A glass of red wine with dinner is nice. Or a beer after working outdoors. That’s about it…

    Wishing you all good days, Ivana!

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