Question Of The Week #48 + Announcement


here we come with 1st question of the week of the last month of 2010. One of the visible things about the fact that time is passing by are my bookshelves, which became fuller and heavier. So, I am curious to know:

“What is your book policy?”

“Book policy” means: Do you buy your books? Do you lend /borrow them? Are you giving them away, after you read them? Are you going to library and you pay regular fees to read books? [Read more…]

Question of the Week #12

Hiya SCG (Super Cool Gang),

I am curious to find out, how is it with you and drinking alcohol;-)

Do you drink alcohol?  If yes, what kind and what is the occasion when you drink?


Confess, so I will know what kind of drink should I offer you, when we will meet in person.

Have a super cool rest of the weekend.



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