[Video] On Creativity (or when less is more)

Hi SCG (Super Cool Gang)

Enjoy the last LIVE shipment of Q1 2010! 😉

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  1. bernadeta says:

    thank you for inspiring message…I was never thinking on this way…

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hey Bernadeta!
      Welcome to our SCG = super cool gang;-)

      I am happy you found it useful, if you think there might be other people who might get inspired by it, just share it with them;-)
      Happy creating.

  2. wow…excellant,as always
    u just filled me with great spirit………a big thanx for that…
    u knw Ivana when i started to think abt my test preparation i found that books would be expensive, i always try to stand up by my own even though my parents have very strong background. i thought over all situation and started teaching children of my locality. it was great job i enjoyed it and also earned money too and at last i bought my books with Rs 5000 which was earned by me..that time i realized how i can make ways with less resources….again i m prepare for next tasks bt yes this time i have more spirit imparted by u guys and i am really grateful for this.
    have a great time…

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      thank you for sharing with us your creative story!;-)
      you are truly admirable young lady. I am proud of you.
      Have a super cool day!

  3. I think constraints often free you up. They free you up from some decisions (since they are already made), and open the door for solving other decisions or asking new questions.

    When you have constrained resources, you’re forced to ask better questions
    – what can I do with what I’ve got?
    – am I working on the right things?
    – what should I trade-off or trade-against?
    – what’s a different way to do this?

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      J.D. thanks for your contribution again!
      those are very useful questions, indeed.
      i guess this set of questions should be kept in mind during work on any task.

  4. Michael says:

    A poerfect explanation of keeping focus on the WOW, not the HOW, as the HOW differs when other (or no) resources are at your disposal.

    Thinking in solutions rather than obstacles and problems makes all the difference. Good message you sent here!

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hi Michael,
      thank you for stopping by.
      Yes, WOW instead of HOW ans things will flow the right direction.

  5. Hey Ivana –

    Great advise and video indeed. Yes many times less is more. I would like to share one of my experience with SCG members.

    In one of my class, my teacher created a (simple) website for the course by using Google Site. I didn’t know how he did. But later when I thought to create a website for students’ club. I started learning and created one. Then I created one for Dean of Students Office.

    Now I am creating one (a good one) myself for my business, by the time I have learnt a lot. If I had money for this at very first, I wouldn’t be able to create one now 😉

    So you are very right that we shouldn’t take pity on ourselves etc. If you haven’t something, it means you can achieve that. It doesn’t mean you can’t have that.

    Thank you very much for the beautiful message.

    Hey! super cool gang members.

    Start creating now.

    Peace & Cheers from Pakistan.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Brilliant, Waqas!
      You are leading as great example. Inspire others around you too!

  6. Vishal Devgon says:

    🙂 SCG is rocking

  7. Salams Ivana,

    Once again a super cool video message for SCG. I loved it and was fitting in myself in every word you said 🙂 I found out something interesting. Let me share my story:

    Soon after graduating I found a good job in my interested field (SEO assistant and then reaching all the way to SEO expert). My learning curve started growing exponentially and I was happy. But as soon as I reached certain level of learning (after 2 and a half years in job) I started feeling of stagnancy and jam in the learning curve. I was reading a book named “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” by Peter Drucker and couple more books. I derived a few lessons in order to achieve something, “Be truthful with yourself. Have courage to unleash the fear of unknown. Be Patient and Work Harding.” I got so much inspiration and courage to take step and I resigned from the job, burn the boats and start chasing my goals/aims. Since then I have been a happy guy w.r.t the learning I get every single day! Met so many amazing people like Ivana is at the top of the list and still meeting new talents and inspiring people everyday, like I met Jason via this blog as SCG (Super Cool Gang), thanks to Ivana for introducing SCG to each other.

    Now, I have an aim to spread Web 2.0 awareness in Professionals to brand themselves, so that no one can exploit them at their jobs. I started alone 8 months ago and now I have got 4 people teamed together. Trained 35 professionals about how should they Brand themselves. Planing to go for a three months “Blog Awareness Program” in top universities here pretty soon (InshAllah) and contacted by 3 Training Platforms to join them in spreading out the word.

    Achieving one milestone to another milestone I utilized what was then available to me. Never waited for anyone or anything! so this is what I want to say to everyone: “Stop Waiting & Start Doing!” 🙂

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Breath-taking comment, full of passion, Zun!

      Thank YOU Zun!

      I am so grateful to have so many inspiring people around!
      We all will make it, we all will make this world a better place.

  8. Hello SCG!

    What an inspiring video and lively conversation!! It is indeed in having less that we become more resourceful and creative. Adding patience, tenacity, and persistence makes a powerful combo.

    I have found my greatest asset to be in the connections with people who are willing to support each other in their endeavors — it truly beats material or financial resources. In the end, it is about the service we provide to lift each other up.

    Cheers Ivana!

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Aaw, Kim!
      It is so great to have such a strong “lifter” as you in SCG!
      You rock!

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