22 Quotes from Seth Godin’s New Book: Poke the Box

Hey SCG,

this week is a sneezing week at web 2.0 world about Seth Godin ( see for example here , here or here) & his just published book Poke the Box (PTB) -> I have got a privilege to receive Kindle version of PTB prior to its official publishing date (1 March) thanks to my involvement in Street Team of The Domino Project -> project founded by Seth, where he is making a point, that re-inventing book publishing business is inevitable. Let me share with you a glimpse of the  PTB quotes, which resonated with me the most and might do as well with you. Go! Go! Go! [Read more…]

Why Turning Off Your Desires Can Be Good For You?

Hey SCG,

2011 has started with really precious events for me and I hope,that lessons learned from it; will have an impact on you too. You might remember recent shipment about goals and its execution, in which I was encouraging you to do/ship/create/deliver rather than waste time on planning your actions. Recently I have been blessed with another epiphany moment of my life, after which I have started to free myself of desires (and by now, I can tell this is gonna be a lifelong path of  aware observing of myself  & of own thoughts every single day). Sounds horrifying? Possibly, yes. Do you want to know what has desireless mindset done for me? Carry on, reading then. [Read more…]

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