About A Day When I Asked My Dad to Write A Blog

Ehm, hello SCG!

yeap, it is me! I am back & alive! 😉 You might have been wondering where did I & my shipping disappeared. Many of you sent me emails, reached out by SMS, called me, sent Facebook messages to my brother, left posts on my Facebook wall, some of you did not even hesitate to make a long distance calls to find out what has happened to me. Thank you for that! (you know, who did so) You have no idea what it means to me, that you have noticed/felt my absence & cared about my whereabouts. So, where have I been since 13th March? All right, grab your seat, shut down all the noise around you, because you are about to read (so far) the most personal shipment on #IS… Ready?

It all started only few hours after posting 10th Question Of the Week.  When I was composing it, I was having decently high 38 degrees (100.4 F) fever, but I did not let it to stop me to ship on time & carry on working. As always I carried on giving my all, with no idea what harsh consequences it will have…

Expect Unexpected

Around 10 PM my condition worsen & I have suffered a terrible cold fever for about 20 minutes, when I could not stop shaking & my heart beat was so high, that I felt like I am sprinting at Olympics… What followed was expected from medical point of view, but very unexpected from my point of view: my fever went up to 41 degrees (105.8 F) & I have got serious difficulties to breathe… At this point of time my parents had no other way to help me, just to call emergency.

When I Spoken My Last Wishes

Before emergency crew came in & stabilized me => I really thought I am not going to make it, that is why I have asked my Dad to:

– write a blog post about what happened to me & ask SCGers to carry on writing for #IS

– ask Slovak readers to carry on with NGLS movement & its legacy

– send email to Seth Godin to thank him for what he has done for this world

+ few more too personal messages, which if you don’t mind, I will keep for myself.

Few hours later I have found myself in a hospital room diagnosed with urinary tract infection (gosh, I had no clue it can mess up one’s body so much). I was really lucky that my heart was able to cope with such high fever as I was told that not so fit person, might…I cannot even type what , but I guess you know how it could have ended.

This View Can Change Your Point of View on Life

For next 6 days this was my view & believe me, that watching drops of antibiotics running into my veins, gave me enough time to reflect on my life & realize how fragile we all are.

Things Will Never Be the Same, But I am Grateful For That!

However horrifying experience, it seemed to be. I am absolutely grateful for it. Starring into eyes of my own death brought such clarity onto so many things I was not sure of, that I consider it as the most life-transforming experience of my almost 29 years on this planet.


So what are 3 main lessons learned from this one week?

Here they are:


Forget Consistency -> Embrace Change & Evolution

Soon or later, you will notice, that I have changed some paradigms I was fighting for & believed in. I am not ashamed of it, but I am proud of it. It does not mean, I cheated before or pretended something what was not real, it only means that I did what I sincerely knew the best at that time. Now, I am different: I experienced – I learned – I evolved. And I will carry on marching on my journey with high spirits no matter what.


Every New Day Is Your Chance for New You

Let go off your memories, mistakes, worries, paradigms & start with virgin – child like mind, which is geared up with infinite curiosity & good intentions. Open up your heart, be vulnerable (be even ready to be hurt by events or discoveries along the way) & trust the process. Repeat every single day.


Appoint Death As Your Main Advisor

However morbid it may sound, trust me, that it is more inspiring than you think. Let me explain:

  • when you feel at the top of the world & more successful, smart, rich, beautiful than others => remember that no matter how shiny is everything now -> we all have the same fate & we will end up in 1 by 2 meters coffin at the end => so, be humble, fully respect other people & be grateful that you are alive – here & now.
  • when you hesitate to ship something new, when you are afraid to fail & get yourself embarrassed by your new ideas => look again at your advisor & remember that you never know, when will be your last day, so screw all the fear & do it, ship your art NOW!
  • when you are facing dilemma about doing something with potential  to harm or hurt other people as consequence of your selfish action: again call upon your advisor & envision your own departure from this planet & see how many people would shed a sincere tears of gratitude for your actions during your life & how many people would have been left with bleeding scars on their souls from remembering you how you hurt them…

And I could go on & on, but this is your call now.

So, After the Storm – There Will Come a Time..

Listen to this wonderful song & perhaps re-read this shipment again…







SCG,I am begging you to keep on shipping art, which truly matters


to be indispensable,

so when you will disappear you will be missed…






with love,


P.S. 1: Everyone who reached out to me & did not hear from me back, please don’t take it personally, I was simply not ready to communicate with anyone else except my family.

P.S. 2: I am perfectly healthy now &  inspired to ship my art more than ever before 😉

P.S. 3: Remember & act on my “last wishes”, whenever it will be necessary (I hope not sooner than in 60 years) => carry on with legacy of #IS & #NGLS














  1. Dear Ivana,

    you can’t imagine how happy I am to see you alive & A-OK.

  2. Amazing experience and a wonderful reading, im glad everything is alright with you now
    Keep on walking on your life path, you are doing a good job for the community

  3. Tomas Kuracina says:

    Welcome back to better life Ivana! 🙂 I missed you very much, so as others. My personal guess was that either something very good happened to you or something very bad. Now I can say that both happened 🙂 As you stated that now you see it as the most life-transforming experience of your life, so it turned out to be very good thing in the end. This reminds me so much the story of Lance Armstrong and also other stories of successful people that i know.
    I think that this shipment is the best one on #IS.

    • Hey Tom!
      I missed you, too. Thanks for associating me with people like Lance .
      Well, this shipment was written by life -> so that is the reason why it is #IS finest -> I have only retold the story here.
      P.S.: thanks for showing up in Bratislava after my tweet, I appreciate it!;-)

  4. Dear, dear Ivana – what a week you’ve been through! But so happy to hear that you are feeling better…and more inspired than ever. Certainly your *last* wishes are worthy of being deemed some of your best ever shipments. Be well, my friend!

  5. Hello Ivana :). Thats such a amazing news, that you are allright. Thanks God, you made it. And i am looking forward to your upgraded shipments ;).

    • Ahoj Adam,
      thanks for your 1st comment on #IS! I am looking forward to read your reactions on “upgraded shipments” in near future.
      So, welcome to SCG!

  6. the first last wishes? and they tend to get better each time! good to see you fully recharged and still rocking on

    • Hello Roger!
      Yeah, I believe that “last wishes” are evolving too. Even tough, I will rather live for now without finding out, what improvements they have got.
      Yay, on your 1st comment here on #IS. Now, you too belong to our SCG family.
      Welcome & see you around.

  7. I am sooooo happy you are still with us:) Was imagining the worst things, unable to do anything as I was afraid of bad news. :/ & since I`ve been through what you experienced, wanted to ask you – don`t you feel that the world is somehow going too fast now? 🙂

    • Hey Zuzu,
      yeah I remember how you told me your story, when you collapsed. I trust we both have taken it as “warning from universe” to slow down;=)
      No one can do that for us, but us. Right?

  8. So glad you’re back with us Ivana!

    • Oh my, Seth…
      Thanks for stopping by, for caring & for all art you do!
      My heart did not stop on 13th March also because, I knew that I need to give you a real hug & say my thank you to you personally. I believe it will happen one day ( sooner or later).
      For now, here is a virtual (hug) for you.

  9. I kind of felt that something wasn’t right after our lasts email exchange. It just didn’t make any sense not hearing your daily/weekly nice thoughts.

    So, happy to hear you’re back!!

    About your post: fantastic.

    Let me tell you what: around 2003, with a couple of guys, we practiced a technique named “one year of life.” It consisted in pretending you have only one year left with the intention to create a mindset to value more your time, attention, resources and people around you (fixing what you can and cutting the crap with what you can’t). It’s interesting to do it at least once because no matter your age it works. It neutralizes the illusion of eternal youth, time or resources and neutralizes the comfort zone. Everything in one move. It kind of forces you to face yourself and constantly put everything in perspective. All the time during 12 months.

    It’s a sort of method to induct purpose to your use of time and attention.

    Sounds morbid but (I can see now you know) think of the results: at the end of it you have stuff done with the benefit of not having to leave this world 🙂

    Take care dear, hug

    • Hello Seb!
      what a great story with “one year of life” practice! You have truly remarkable guys around you.
      Thanks for reading in between the lines of our email conversation & noticing, that something was about to happen.
      Hug back my friend!

  10. uff shame on me….and I haven’t even known that you were so sick. Hope you are fine again 🙂

  11. I’m so glad you are fine now! I was checking your website and twitter daily to see something from you 🙂 As Nietzsche said “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” so I’m looking forward to shipments stronger than ever. But also as I say “That which does not kill us will try it again” so please take care of yourself, keep good people around yourself and remember that we’re here for you 🙂
    Great to have you back!

    • Ahoj Branko,
      great to read you as well.

      Yeah, you are right with getting stronger thanks to such events, but at the moment I already feel “pumped up” like bodybuilder;-) so, I would not mind some light weight season on my journey for now;-)

      See you soon, my designer!

  12. So glad you are still here with us. What an experience and thank you for sharing it. I can’t imagine how that changes your life and the way you see it. Keep us posted, because I’m sure you are not finished with the changes it has brought to your life and we can all learn from you.

    • Hi Frances,
      happy to read your lines as well!
      Indeed, I am not finished yet & I am ready to ship, live & humbly learn each second on this planet;-)
      Stick around, it will be fun ride.

  13. Glad you are healthy again m’dear. Stay healthy and know in your heart you are deeply loved.

  14. happy that you are back & healthy & supercool 😉 talk to you soon…

  15. Don’t know what to say, I’m just silent. It was frightening but thankfully you made it. Hugs!

    • I have no words either Waqas…You have noticed first my absence…Thanks for calling me, for all SMS wishes, thanks for everything my friend.
      We are bonded for life & trust me that we will ship great things together for this world.

  16. You are around that is important for me.

    • My dear Sidra lady,
      I am blessed to have friend like you. I could feel your love and concerns all the way from Pakistan. Thanks for calling me all the way & for being present with me.
      Love you.
      P.S.: same as for Waqas, I so count with you on my global break-through with shipping art which matters. Get ready;-)

  17. sharmeen rafique says:

    Welcome back! Feeling Great to read this shipment.

  18. Hi Ivana,

    happy to hear you are back and fit again. Wish you all the best, lots of sunshine and I am looking forward to you next shipments 🙂


  19. Arjan Tiessen says:

    Buyumba!! (newly invented word for exclamation of happiness)

    hug hug hug!

    good to hear from you. Thanks for the post.
    Stay well! 🙂

    • Hi Arjan!
      I am just smiling after reading your comment.
      See you soon, I feel in my gut, we too will ship something for this world together, when the time will come;=)
      P.S.: thanks for SMSing me!

  20. Thanks Almighty, you are safe and sound and connected back.

    Lots of moments comes in time that we have to expect the unexpected. Only the prepared ones can make it. Personal experiences mold the person overall with different experiences and leave long lasting effects on one’s personality.

    I welcome you back to life. Wish you all the healthy life for next 100 years 🙂

  21. Prayers answered 🙂 An Inspiring Shipment indeed 🙂

  22. Glad to see you back. Hope to keep hearing from you for a long long time. No words beyond that. Take Care.

  23. Welcome back! And thanks for inspiring again!

  24. Lenka Maturkaničová says:

    Your last SMS terrified me… But now I am SO glad to see you here! 🙂
    Wonderful inspiring! It made me smile when I was reading about virgin – child like mind because I used to practise it for almost 2 year and this transformation of my mind makes me feel great. Despite the fact that sometimes I look like a fool, it is still FUN for me! 🙂
    Hope you feel like a healthy fool too! 😀

  25. Wow, I’m so so so happy you ok. Was really worried.

  26. Welcome back to life:-) We missed you and your daily dose of inspirative thoughts! Look after yourself, so we are not faced with another blackout though:-)

    • Yay, Miriam thanks for your 1st comment on #IS.
      I will definitely look after myself, as I can see now, my work truly resonates with you guys.
      So, welcome to SCG lady!

  27. wow…… ahhhm… i am glad you experienced a different you with no regrets about past…. i can relate to your thoughts as my mind/body has a story. of course i am happy for your coming back!

    dont worry much human soul is a warrior of light !

    • Hello Di!
      I so thought of you, shortly after all these events. I knew you will relate the most with it. And indeed, it is incredibly valuable to find out about soul’s power & to realize, that I was totally content with what I have done during my lifetime.
      But, show must go on as I am not done yet.

  28. I am so glad you made it. God bless you.


  29. I’m glad you’re back on the saddle again.

    Life is so fragile.

    I’ve had more than enough reminders of how precious life is.

    • Yay, J.D. ! I am always awaiting your comment to conclude conversation & here you are. Thank you for being always around!
      I am so happy to be back to myself, too.
      Indeed, life is way too precious “possession”
      P.S.: thanks for your email!

  30. Thanks God you are backn Ivana!
    Now we can also hang out on Triiibes:)

  31. Martina says:

    Fuuuu i had kidney infection when few years ago in New York (note I didnt have health insurance:) and so I know how bad it can get (I felt i was about to die as well 😦 ). I hope you are much much better now and I hope you wont go too crazy on working and shiping and getting yourself too stressed!
    To be honest when you disappeared, for some reason possible health problem didnt cross my mind at all. You are always so cheerful its very very hard to even imagine you being sick, so I thought you are working on something special maybe and want to surprise us or something like that:) Or that you had enough of everything and everyone and got out on some holiday without internet connection. Anyway, glad you are back, just please be careful and try to relax sometimes as well, will you?:D

    • Ouch on falling sick in NYC…I can very relate to symptoms you suffered from…But, let’s just not talk about it, it is past now.
      @my disappearance: yeah, I also though that hospitals & doctors have no place in my life, so I got my confidence corrected.
      thanks for your wishes & I promise I will take care & ship with more appetite than before as shipping = relaxing for me;-)
      see ya soon Matka!


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