Question Of the Week #10

Hey my dear SCG,

I trust you had a fabulous week and that you made something remarkable happen. You must have noticed loads of Seth Godin(ess) on Inspiring Shipments lately, haven’t you? If not (yet) you can catch up here & here. My intention was to “get you ready ” for 10th Question Of the Week, which is:

What question, just one question would you ask Seth Godin, if you had a chance to speak to him for 2 minutes?


shoot your curious questions for Seth bellow;)

See you in comments (I’m going back to bed, as my “Saturday night fever” is holding me strong)



  1. Martina says:

    I would ask him when was the breaking moment when he stopped being a weirdo for the others (I assume he must have felt that way) and started to be respected guru? There is a thin line between genius and a weirdo, thats why im asking 😉

  2. I would ask him whats his greatest wish. 😀

  3. If I met him in person, I’d introduce myself and ask, “Would you like to go grab a cup of coffee and chat with me some time later?” 😉

  4. I would ask him, what were his best mistakes and how that helped him?

  5. “What does he know now that he wishes he knew then?” … or “What fires him up in the morning?”

  6. I would ask Seth: “What was the most surprising thing he has learned from running the Domino Project so far?”

  7. How did you reach at the current stage (Factors, Mistakes, Circumstances which brought you here)?


  1. […] all started only few hours after posting 10th Question Of the Week.  When I was composing it, I was having decently high 38 degrees (100.4 F) fever, but I did not […]

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