[Updated] 27 Video Collection of Seth Godin’s Talks

Hey SCG,

let me serve you a special video shipment, dedicated to a man who has inspired me, continuously inspires me & I bet that, he will carry on inspiring me on my journey. Yeah, you know him, too. I am talking about the Seth Godin. If you were too busy to read any of his books [he wrote 13 of them!]  or following daily doses of Seth’s blog & you are not very familiar with his art (yet!) -> Now is your chance to catch up with Seth (or consider this as refresh on his philosophy you already know about).  I suspect, that after watching following 10 videos of Seth, you might will be in the picture and on the same page with those us who ship, have guts to challenge a status quo and draw maps instead of following them.  Enjoy!

[Updated 23rd August 2013]

:: On Design & Sculpting the Future

View it on Youtube.

[Updated 22nd May 2013]

:: On Perception of Work

:: Q&A After His Talk Above

Via SwissMiss.

[Updated on 25th October 2012] 

:: On His Journey and His New Upcoming Book

Via Seth’s Squidoo page.

:: Seth’s TEDx Talk: ‘Stop Stealing Dreams”

Via Stop Stealing Dreams Squidoo page.

[Updated on 13th June 2012]

:: On 7 Sins in Marketing

Via Seth’s blog. Watch it direclty on Open Forum Youtube channel.

[Updated on 8th April 2012]

:: On 2012 predictions

View it on Youtube.

[Updated on 8th April 2012]

:: About Poke the Box, lizard brain and failing for “Behind the Brand”

Cool talk between Seth and @bryanelliott

Watch it on Youtube.

[Updated on 8th April 2012]

:: On the New Music Industry

Interview in two parts -> Seth in a conversation with charming Ariel Hyatt (@cyberPR)

Part ONE

View part one on Youtube.

Part TWO

Watch it on Youtube.

Via Ariel’s blog (found on Seth’s Facebook wall)

[Updated 24th March 2012]

:: Too important to be left to the marketing department

(Seth’s talk at  Software for Business 2008 )

Via Sebastian’s blog (must follow blog!)

[Updated 24th Dec 2011]

:: On Market Creation and On Buying Stuff for the First Time

Via Seth’s blog.

[Updated on 7th Nov 2011]

:: On “Embracing Risk & Failure in Philanthropy”.

Found at Steve’s blog.

[Updated on 31st July 2011] with Seth’s talk for Yahoo!

:: On online revolution – permission marketing and more.

[Updated on 18th July 2011] by Seth’s talk with Michael Hyatt  on reinventing everything.

:: Reinvent everything

[Updated on 5th June 2011] by two more videos -> on Curiosity & on Success

:: On Curiosity

This video of Seth was pointed out to me be SCG-er Monika Hardy. I am loving it!

:: On Success

Found on Tent’s Blogger blog.

:: On leadership

“Say what you believe and see who follows”

Found on Chris Shaw’s blog.



:: On how fast do good ideas spread

Watch it directly on Youtube.


:: 2 Videos Explaining Why Did He Start: The Domino Project


See original post on The Domino Project web.


Via Seth’s Vimeo Channel


:: On role of technology in post-industrial age we live in, now.

Watch it and read more about it on TechCrunch ‘s site.



:: On being indispensable, lizard brain & entrepreneurship .

View it on Youtube.


:: On Quieting the Lizard Brain= Resistance

Watch it directly on 99%’s Vimeo site.


:: On his latest book Poke the Box & Thoughts on Radio Business

Watch it on Youtube.


:: On Importance of Having a Tribe, Be Worth Talking About & more

View on Youtube.


:: Seth’s TED Talk On being remarkable and standing out

Click, here.



are you following Seth, if so how long? If not, did any of Seth’s ideas resonated with you? Or are there any thoughts, which you don’t agree with? Have you read any of his books?

Enough of questions -> back at you now.





  1. This is a great compilation Ivana, thanks for putting it all together.

    Being a Seth Godin follower myself, I had seen many of these videos but I still got a couple of them which I seem to have missed.

    Seth has been an inspiration in my life too – can’t wait to get my copy of his latest “Poke the Box”.

    Great job!


  2. jozefmaudry says:

    Nice video mash up w/ Seth Godin.
    Also lOOkin’ forward to read his POKE THE BOX.


  3. Wow. The TechCrunch video was excellent. Guy is so freaking smart.

    What? My interview with him didn’t make the cut? 🙂

    • Hey Phil,
      wohoo, thanks for your 1st comment on #IS => welcome to Super Cool Gang.
      I will update this post with your video, too. Reason why you were not included was that I did not know that you “exist” during time of posting this shipment;-)

  4. Jozef Opaleny says:

    Hi, super selection… I´ve been watching it the whole day 🙂

    • Brilliant Jozef! -> that is why I put it all up -> it is a selection of last 2 years since I am “in love” with Seth!;-)
      I bet very few did watch it all and that is a difference between those who are Linchpins and who chose easier way;-)
      You are on a good track!
      Keep it up;-)


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