Question Of the Week #9

Hey SCG,

how are you doing? It is great to be back after 7 days offline (more on lessons learned from offline detox later). This week’s question was inspired by just concluded TED 2011 Conference. So, I’d love to ask you:

What would be YOUR 18 minutes long TED talk about?


Imagine you would get a call from Chris Anderson (TED’s curator), that you are invited to speak at TED. What would you talk about? What idea of yours would you like to spread? What message would you want to amplify to the world? What title would you give to your talk? What art of yours would you like to perform on this prestigious stage?

I cannot wait to hear your super cool ideas worth spreading.







  1. Welcome back.
    I believe that small business people can save the world. You can see my picture of that here

    I would speak about how we care about our communities and how we work to make them better. I would talk about what we need to be able to do this more effectively.

    What would you speak about?

    • Hey Frances,
      I am so with you on importance of small businesses in our society!
      Please carry on with your mission.

      What would I talk about? I would talk about NGLS & importance of movements/tribes,I would talk about why did I decide to run NGLS, how did it turn out to be & what power have people who are passionate, dedicated and how we all are longing for making a difference. So, getting like minds together, creating a platform, where they can unleash their talents is a very important part of forward motion of our world.
      I cannot wait for Chris Anderson to call;-)

  2. Martina says:

    ha! If i was the lucky one to get the chance, I would ask 17 of my inspiring friends to record 1minute videos with a inspiring messege and I would play it there plus 1 minute for me 😛

  3. diana silonova says:

    well. as i am just a little guy on wheels i would politely defer my invitation to Wise Young. He will speak about the latest revolt on stem cell research. I would smile and collect the donations for his lab.

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