26 Super Cool Quotes from: “We Are All Weird” by Seth Godin

Hey SCG,

I know that I still owe you book reviews from summer 2011, but before I will get there -> let me highlight for you yet another master piece written by our beloved Seth Godin -> few days back he has published via The Domino Project his new book called We Are All Weird. I have read it cover to cover within a day -> that is why all Domino books were purposely made in such short manifesto like format, which will enable you to read them over few cups of coffee. So, let me shut up my odes for it and let’s get to the twenty six most memorable quotes from Seth’s new gift to the world.

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[Updated] 27 Video Collection of Seth Godin’s Talks

Hey SCG,

let me serve you a special video shipment, dedicated to a man who has inspired me, continuously inspires me & I bet that, he will carry on inspiring me on my journey. Yeah, you know him, too. I am talking about the Seth Godin. If you were too busy to read any of his books [he wrote 13 of them!]  or following daily doses of Seth’s blog & you are not very familiar with his art (yet!) -> Now is your chance to catch up with Seth (or consider this as refresh on his philosophy you already know about).  I suspect, that after watching following 10 videos of Seth, you might will be in the picture and on the same page with those us who ship, have guts to challenge a status quo and draw maps instead of following them.  Enjoy! [Read more…]

Well Invested Time In September 2010 + Announcement!

Hello SCG,

9th month of 2010 was spiced up by 4 books.

#1 about shifts emerging from web 2.0 tools,enabling us to communicate, and create in new ways. #2 about basics of Buddhism philosophy. #3 about  happiness at work. #4 about marketing lessons taught to us by a rock band. Pretty colorful mix of topics, isn’t it? 😉 Want to know more? Carry on reading, then.

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Which 5 Questions Can Save You Loads of “Biz-ache”?

Hiya SCG,

I have decided to “paint” this shipment for YOU after “spending” time with Drayton Bird firstly face to face in London, then via his DVD over the last weekend. But final decision to ship and paint following slide deck was nailed yesterday, after watching one hour long free webinar by Drayton >>> I was so charged up that I had to share Drayton’s art with you.hoover tube with them 😉 > I hope result will be worth it.

Here we go:

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