Do You Know Who Your “Sneezers” Are?

Hey SCG,

I am SO humbled , that I can “ship” today’s post. I have been waiting for this shipping moment for more than 6 months. Only now I feel eligible to introduce you a concept of sneezers.

Do you know who is a “sneezer”?

This term was brought into my  and world’s attention in March 2010 in a video-book= vook by THE Seth Godin – Unleashing the SuperIdeavirus.

Why did I have to wait for more than half a year to talk about sneezers? Well, because Inspiring Shipments (#IS) is a blog for doers and for those who can tell stories of walking the talk. I don’t talk theory, I talk about experienced experiences. Therefore,  let me share with you my story about sneezers, so you can get inspired and you too can reflect on: Why are “sneezers” important for you, for your business and for sustainable future of your art? [Read more…]

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