You Too Can “Shine A Light”!

Hiya SCG,

I am glad to be back into shipping mode after being on an extra learning ride. Today, I would like to reflect on very valuable lessons from a must watch movie, which blew me away two days ago;

Shine A Light

Movie about legendary rock band The Rolling Stones and their epic – lifelong quest directed by the Martin Scorsese.

So, what can one learn from this at first sight – ordinary movie made  from one rock concert? [Read more…]

Fundamental Mindset For Your Personal Development Journey

Hello SCG.

it has been over 2 years since I have had life-changing Skype chat with my 1st mentor, Gary Haslam. Among first things, I was told, was:

Be Nice and Gentle to Yourself!

That time (in July 2008), I was pretty skeptical about this statement, because it seemed to me very selfish and narcissistic advice to live by. It took me over 24 months to fully grasp depth and importance of this powerful statement…

Why was “treating yourself nicely” one of the first things I was told to remember and act upon?

[Read more…]

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