You Too Can “Shine A Light”!

Hiya SCG,

I am glad to be back into shipping mode after being on an extra learning ride. Today, I would like to reflect on very valuable lessons from a must watch movie, which blew me away two days ago;

Shine A Light

Movie about legendary rock band The Rolling Stones and their epic – lifelong quest directed by the Martin Scorsese.

So, what can one learn from this at first sight – ordinary movie made  from one rock concert?

Let me share with YOU; three quotes, which are amplifying common denominator for every artist, who is shipping her art to the world – through which she can “Shine A Light”


Reporter:  Can you picture yourself at the age of 60 doing what you do now?

Mick Jagger: Yeah! Easily!



Keith Richards said about his guitar buddy Ronnie Wood:

We are both pretty lousy, but TOGETHER we are like 10 others.



Reporter: “How can you perform on the stage in such energetic way at your age?” (note: Keith was born on 18th Decemeber 1943!, so you do the math yourself)

Keith Richards: When you are on the stage you don’t think, you feel!



that’s about it; it is all as “simple” as that:

If you love your art that much, that you can easily imagine to commit your whole life into it and if you ship it with feeling, you are on YOUR way to become a “rock star” of your art!

That is why I believe that, YOU too can Shine A Light!


What is your stage? Who are your buddies, which you can create synergy with? Can you feel the vibes and light you carry within when you perform your art?Can you imagine doing it at the age of 60? I would love to hear your thoughts in comments.


And to be fair, let me give you my answers:

What is my stage?

Our blog Inspiring Shipments and speeches at workshops/conferences.

Who are my “synergy creating” buddies?

YOUSuper Cool Gang-ers, NGLS-ers (Next Generation Leaders of Slovakia) , my family and all of you who believe in me!

Can I imagine to do what I do at the age of 60?

Absolutely YES!


Your turn, guys!




  1. Travis Priddy says:

    Thanks for sharing the inspiration. Too often, we allow cultural dictations and (so-called) age restrictions to determine what we will do and how long we will do it. As long as we are able, we should follow our heart, move onward and do the things we love regardless of any real or imagined expections. Life’s short. Live well.

    • Hey Travis!
      Thank you so much for joining our SCG!;-)
      Yes, I totally agree with you on insignificance of the number, telling us how old we are. It has nothing to do, with one’s wisdom, passion for life and actions.
      The most important asset we have on our “balance sheets” is time and indeed, it runs out quickly, so we better live well and make a positive difference while we are here.
      See you around, Travis!

  2. my stage: anywhere in the world where I feel at home.

    my buddy? the love of my life, my partner, my best friend, my counselor, my other leg, my mate, the father of my child, the one who holds me tight on the ground when I fly too high, the one who protects me, the one who is not afraid to tell me that sometimes I am wrong, the one who bears my moods & finally the one who supports my ideas, even if he`s pessimistic about them himself.

    can I imagine doing what I do in decades? no need to answer:)
    the truth is I love this life SO MUCH, I am actually afraid of dying the other day.
    because life is SO AMAZING!!!

  3. Hello,
    I love comments of Zuzu.Amazing :-).
    My stage is where I can learn or teach.
    All sweet people around me are my buddies.
    I can imagine to do what I am doing now, in 60`s in more improved form.
    Have a great day :-).

    • Hey Sidra!
      Very very important thing is to always improve on your art!
      Thumbs up for reminding it to us, to be hungry for learning and to avoid settling down with thinking ” I don’t need to improve.”
      We ALL are fools, who came to this world to learn.

  4. > We are both pretty lousy, but TOGETHER we are like 10 others.
    I’ve seen this time and again. There are many dynamic duos and duettes out there.

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