#IS Ambassadors Will Make Your Soul Jump For the 4th Time


I am delighted to be a messenger for our #IS Ambassadors & their blow of inspiration 2.0 for your upcoming weekend/days. Check out this week’s web picks by Waqas, Sidra and Zuzu for you. What did they pick for you this time? Mind-blowing TED talk, 2 stories from MIX = Management Innovation eXchange, video on being a Linchpin and much more. Step in!

 Video + 1 Link from our brave* girl Sidra Qasim =>

(* because she has quit her job this week!  ->  to do what she loves!)

:: Jacqueline Novogratz on how to recognize a linchpin (=indispensable artist, doer, innovator)

:: Breaking Free From Consumerist Chains -> found & liked on Zen Habits.


ZERO Links from Marek Lutz but 2 Breaking News About Him

:: 1st: Marek got engaged to his girlfriend, “Bubu”! YAY.

:: 2nd, Marek is packing for Egypt, where he will stay for one year as part of AEISEC internship exchange.


2 MIX Links from doer Waqas Ali

:: Want More Women to Succeed? Let Them Fail Research suggests that women just don’t seize the chance.  Some of them hold themselves back, waiting for enough experience to gain the confidence to raise their hands. Some of them never made the connections or could not find the key to unlock the networks and forge the powerful personal connections that help accelerate people to the top.

:: Getting Rid of the Busy Work so You Can Get to Work is 2nd pick by Waqas.


TED Video + 1 link from our “Xena” like lady ->  Zuzu Urbanova

:: 29 Ways to Stay CreativeZuzu’s favourite one is no. 21.

:: The mothers who found forgiveness, friendship – no further comments are needed.



See you next week with more action & inspiration. I (heart) you all!


P.S.:  tweet, share, like and sneeze about #IS -> because there are tons of us = crazy “nuts” out there in this world & they all feel they are alone – but they are not-> so let them them know -> that we exist.

P.P.S.: Check out just- born brain child of Amber Rae ->  Revolution Is. I have got to know super cool Amber via The Domino Project, where she is our Chief Evangelist Officer.


  1. Hi Ivana,
    This is really a delicious feast and shipment. Especially loved the How to recognize a Linchpin and 29 ways to stay creative.

    It’ll be unfair if I don’t appreciate Marek for super cool news. He’s really a great SCG-er, best to couple and his one year in Egypt. 😉

    And YES, Sidra has walked her talked by quiting job and getting back at What She Loves.

    • 😉 Hey Waqas,

      thanks that you guys carry on shipping & making #IS our place!
      I am excited by news, both from Marek & from Sidra!
      Life is & will be super cool, let’s seize it!

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