[Reviews of Books] Read by #IS During June 2011

Hello SCG,

the time has come, when I am delighted to offer you wrap up of #IS’s reading take away(s) from June 2011. It was “beautifully designed -> enchanting -> run with wise people on the path to -> unfettered mind.” Thank you Garr, Guy, “Born toRun Chris” and Takuan for making my stay in Dubai even more life – transforming! [Read more…]

[Reviews of Books] Read by #IS during May 2011

Hello SCG,

5th month of 2011 was packed with mind altering titles. Ken Wilber briefly explained me “history of everything”, friend 2.0 Bruna Martinuzzi generously shed bright light on what does it mean to be leader as a Mensch. I have ‘spent’ life with Zen master Shunryu Suzuki and never the last – I was dragged into one boy’s story – child soldier’s story in west Africa. Curious to know more? Read on! [Read more…]

#IS Ambassadors Will Make Your Soul Jump For the 4th Time


I am delighted to be a messenger for our #IS Ambassadors & their blow of inspiration 2.0 for your upcoming weekend/days. Check out this week’s web picks by Waqas, Sidra and Zuzu for you. What did they pick for you this time? Mind-blowing TED talk, 2 stories from MIX = Management Innovation eXchange, video on being a Linchpin and much more. Step in! [Read more…]

[Reviews of Books] Read by #IS During January 2011

Hello SCG,

I am kinda excited to share with you brisk reviews of books consumed during 1st month of 2011;  January’s portion contained-> classics by Robert Pirsig: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; Heath’s brothers brought in great insights on managing change in their book Switch; Guys from 37 signals wrote brilliantly bold and easy to read (harder to execute though) book Rework & I have concluded month with Freedom from Known by Jiddu Krishnamurti. So, let’s dig into 4 pieces, which kept me awake during nights, aware during days & inspired me to act, change & re-learn.
[Read more…]

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