Question Of the Week #6

Hello SCG,

I trust you had a magical weekend & you too are awaiting new day/new week/new chance to make difference with great eagerness, too. More over, tomorrow is a Valentine’s day, therefore I would like to ask you:

What would your perfect day looks like?

You can get inspired by this sweet typographic film – A Perfect Day.

Have a perfect day everyday!

I cannot wait to read your perfect comments.




  1. So, my perfect day would be like this:
    – it’d definitely have to be Saturday (I hate Sundays for that “gosh, Monday’s coming in a few hours” feeling)
    – it would have to be a sunny day, not hot, though
    – my significant other would be all day long with me
    – I’d wake up at 11 AM after 9-10 hours of sleeping 🙂
    – I’d do some yoga and have a long, hot shower
    – then I’d be having a big fat brunch in bed while watching some “vintage” episode of The Simpsons
    – I’d be singing this song while putting on my favorite shirt and jeans
    – I’d go grab a caramel macchiato with my friends afterwards
    – then I’d go for late lunch to my favorite restaurant (this one so I could have a salad with grilled salmon
    – afterwards, I’d go for a walk to one of Žilina’s homeless-people-less parks (non-existent)
    – I’d buy lime gelato, sit on a bench, and read E. E. Cummings (and wonder what the hell he was smoking when writing his poems)
    – at 5 PM, I’d go clubbing to the city (and drinking, duh) with my buddies
    – at 10 PM, I’d be starving so I’d buy nachos with extra hot salsa
    – at 2 AM, I’d go home ’cause nothing good happens after 2 AM 😉
    – oooh, and I’d totally want to get a present on my perfect day 😛

    • Yay;-) Wonderful Franz.
      Great song. Great choice for restaurant -> I loved Tratorria when I lived in Zilina (March 2008- Jan 2009).
      Keep on creating perfect moments/days & yet don’t forget to be grateful for the most precious moment; here & now.

  2. My perfect day involves me traveling. Meeting cool people, visiting fun places, reading mind-expanding books and going to interesting conferences. Oh and eating great food (drinking great drink), with enough physical activity and deep restorative sleep.

    Waking with the sun to write about it and share what I learned, then doing it all again.

    • Aw, France, I can totally feel the thrill from your description of perfect day. Inspiring, I must say! More over I too love great food,reading and stretching mind with books. What a linchpin like attitude, isn’t it?

  3. My perfect Valentine’s? Wake up with my partner in the same bed. While he is sleeping I will pop up for fresh pastry and make a good breakfast. Afterwards I will start to prepare a lunch/ dinner.

    After eating, I would like to visit my favorit Danubiana gallery, I will have a strong coffe and nice stroll in its statue park.

    Than, cinema to watch partners favourite film with lot of coke, popcorn an nachos.

    Later on, ligth dinner, bath, bottle of wine, chocolate and lots of cuddles.

  4. My perfect day is everyday… but sometime I just see it later when I look back 🙂

  5. diana silonova says:

    hmm perfect day…not that i have one but a day without thinking and just enjoying and pleasing … 24hours of tlc, sex,chocolate,and all kinds of romantic shit in 2 or 3 (just kidding) would not hurt … ( hehe , no i was not drunk or high when i wrote this …)

  6. A perfect day for me:
    1. be with those I love
    2. do what I love
    Sweet & simple for me…

  7. perfect day? is everyday when I can be with those I love 🙂 Have fun with them, or just talk… 🙂

    but if I could choose I will choose day in nature with few people, somewhere, where you can smell wind, where is no civilization… and at the evening you can watch the stars 🙂

  8. WonderFULL, Lucka;-)


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