Why Is R(SS)eading Good For You?

Hiya SCG,

lately there have been quite a buzz  about RSS feeds and its survival chances. Seth Godin is certainly in favor of RSS feeds, because as he said: RSS is quiet and fast and professional and largely hype-free. Mathew Ingram from GigaOM has elaborated on RSS fuzz with great post: “Sure, RSS Is Dead — Just Like the Web Is Dead“, which bottom line was: “The fact that RSS may be fading in terms of mainstream user awareness is actually a good thing rather than a bad one.” Fred Wilson dedicated two posts to RSS feeds; First one was about how RSS are not dead and then he continued with break down of traffic and RSS leads to his AVC blog. So,what has Inspiring Shipments (#IS) to say about RSS?

I am glad that, #IS belong to non-mainstream fans of RSS feeds and that I do start every morning as pictured above; with cup of coffee and Google Reader feeds of 300+  blogs, which I follow.

Why #IS Like RSS?

  • it’s serves like newspapers/TV news/top tech trends/viral & insightful videos & more all in one spot (that’s why I don’t watch TV or read newspapers)
  • even skimming through titles of the articles can get you an idea, what is going on in the world (it applies for blogs, which are posting 100+ post per day f.e. like Mashable)
  • keeping pulse on articles of people, who you admire, respect and who inspire you is great way to get a kick for your own shipping (thanks Seth!)

It takes me around 90 minutes of focused scrolling down my Google reader each morning, + another hour or so in the afternoon (around 5PM CET) , when feeds start to flow in from US bloggers, who woke up by then;-)

Why Is RSS Reading Good for You?

I believe, that being  a vivid RSS reader is a sign of curiosity, interest and drive to learn something new every day. Are you curious enough to find out how addictive can “consumption of RSS feeds” be? Sign up for Google reader, now! Not sure which blogs to start with? Let me share with you an encouragement in form of a bonus bellow:

[Bonus] Updated “Must Follow Blogs” list to start your RSS feast with!

Don’t forget to subscribe to #IS, too. It is so easy-peasy. Enjoy the ride!


what about you and RSS? Are you “friends”? What reader do you use for RSS feeds?Or perhaps, why don’t you use RSS?

Share your experiences with us.

Ciao for now, I gotta go to get my second portion of RSS for a day, it’s 5 PM.



P.S.:  SCC-ers in Slovakia: don’t forget that, we have 16 days to go till NGLS! See shipments for #NGLS blog,  here.


  1. Hey Ivana I’m friend with RSS too. And I use Google Reader, it defiantly helps to read more in less time. But I have subscribed my E-mail to #IS. 😉

  2. I used RSS with iGoogle for a long time, but it started to be messy when I had like 30 blogs there, so I just subscribed to e-mail newsletter to all of these blogs.

    So I pretty much stopped using RSS completely. Now I have only TED talks, xkcd.com and 2 Forex trading sites on my iGoogle.

    I was following too many blogs, but now I follow only the best. Same goes with Twitter, went from 150 followings to 30 recently.

    But I don’t think RSS is “dead”, it’s just not something for me anymore.

    • Hi Mato,
      thanks for your strong commenting start and appetite in 2011.
      I am glad that #IS made it to your very limited the best of blogs list, and that you have subscribed to #IS by email!

  3. I would not go without RSS reader. Google Reader it is on my Windows machine and NetNewsWire on Macbook with sync to Google Reader enabled. It has a nice internal browser included which makes reading a pleasure.
    The biggest point of using RSS is just browse the titles + short summaries which is enough for 90% of articles. You don’t really need to go deeper. If the title says: ‘New Samsung phone to be launched in October’ I don’t need to know more than that until October (when I will see a lot more about it in my reader anyway).
    It kind of reminds me of twitter 🙂 I like the idea of telling what’s important in 140 characters. Telling what’s important in title and summary which lands in my RSS reader – that saves time and serves the purpose.
    However, favorite sites must be opened (IS included these days) 😉

    • Hey Rasto,
      thanks for sharing your RSS practice. I must say, mine is pretty much the same. I scan my 300 plus blogs feed all day long. I too have some blogs, which I read in full, but mostly I just read titles or subtitles, to get an idea what is going on.
      I am glad #IS is among your favorite sites.

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