#Shoes Matter! Have You Got Your @HometownShoes Yet?

Hiya SCG,

why all that noise about shoes? Isn’t it too materialistic to say that shoes matter? Isn’t it only image component? Well, there are three reasons why I am so obsessed with shoes. The first reason has roots all the way in my childhood; ever since I was a child I was taught (by both my grandparents and parents) that one should ALWAYS wear clean – high quality and polished shoes, because: [Read more…]

Meet Our #IS Ambassadors

Hiya SCG,

let us kick off 1st day of February 2011 in a glorious style; that is by announcing identities of our four amazing Ambassadors for Inspiring Shipments (#IS). As I have mentioned before, I will do my best to make #IS our stage with space for you to share your ideas with the world, too.  Ladies & gents, please meet our new #IS Ambassadors:

[Read more…]

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