Michael Yanakiev, you will be greatly missed…


Dear SCG,

this is one of the toughest shipments I have ever written...Even tough I am positively thinking person, today I cannot hide tears which are flowing down my face. Our dear Super Cool Gang-er, friend and mentor to many Michael Yanakiev passed away yesterday morning. I have put this post in category: gratitude, which might seem weird to you, but here is why I did so.

Mike, I am grateful to you for:

– for being my true friend, who cared for a stranger from Slovakia, who you have never met in person

– for being a mentor…Gosh, how much wisdom you have carried within you was just mind-blowing…

– for pushing me to excel and learn every day. You were feeding me daily with emails, links, videos, articles, it was simply unbelievable how generous and wise you were….

<I cannot stop crying>

– for introducing me into system thinking and to work of your mentor Russel Ackhoff

– for awakening passion for design thinking in me

for educating people around you, including us- SCG (via your generous and insightful comments)

– for your presence in my life’s journey…

You will be remembered and present deep within me and everyone, whose lives you have touched with your caring and wise soul, till the end of my (our) times. I promise I will do my best every day to walk my talk and live all the lessons you have taught me, so you can be proud of me. I (we) will send your message forward…

Gosh, I cannot continue writing now.





please seize every breath you take in this world…you never know which one will be the last one…I spoke to Mike 2 days ago on Skype and we have planned great projects together and yet this will never happen…Be present in every moment, do not plan, do and live your life now.

<still crying>


P.S.: Mike you have always liked to listen to nice music and we have shared many songs – links on Youtube together…This one is for you.

Mike, I love you and I will always love you…


  1. Sidra Qasim says:

    I would only like to say I always enjoyed each and every line of his insight. I wasnt expecting sad morning but sadness has been prevailed all in me. May his soul rest in peace. we have lost a big asset.

  2. ~ Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~ – Marcel Proust

    Let us be grateful to Mike..

    We think we have many days to live more but in fact we are not sure for the next moment. Mike’s space can’t be filled but we can try by following his great teachings.

    May his soul rest in peace.


  3. Michael was amazing. He had an exceptional ability to distill complexity into pragmatic insight and he was always quick to share what he knows with compassion and positivity.

    He will be greatly missed.

  4. I am speechless, guys…
    Thanks for comments, tough.

  5. I am so sorry to hear that Mike has passed away, I simply can’t believe it. My fingers soften when I have to write these lines. He was a truly amazing person with a huge knowledge, intelligence and eagerness to share. Let us pray for his soul. RIP, Mike!

    • I wish I would have never had to reply to your comment…and I wish that your 1st comment on Inspiring Shipments would arrive on different occasion….
      Yes, Mike will be missed.


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