Question Of the Week #36

Ciao SCG,

imagine you have a story to tell: “How I have met my hero.” So, you would start your story-telling with:  I have got an invitation to meet for a coffee/lunch/dinner __________

Please, fill in the blank space above, with a name of your living hero you would love to meet in person. Share your WHY her of him,too?

Yay, looking forward to meet your heroes.



  1. I have no idea! Do I accept myself if I need to “have” a hero?

    • Fair enough, Peter.
      “Hero” in this perspective means someone who inspires you, whose art=work=actions you might like or admire, so then you might want to say thank you to that person for what he/she does or share your insights with him/her.
      Just sayin’…

  2. I would love to meet up with Jacqueline Novogratz, Acumen Fund, to talk about the best ways to help small business all over the world.

  3. Peter Hanula says:

    Everybody was in one way or another, in one time my hero. Good or bad, doesn´t matter, I learned from him/her and he/she change me. Somebody said, that he is mixed afford of everybody he ever met. And I have to agree.

  4. I would love to meet up with Ivana Sendecka and wants to find out the (true/real) Ivana personality..


  1. […] :: Inspiring Shipments :: by Ivana Sendecka Blog for Everyone Who Dare to Lead | Authentic Inspirational Thoughts on Leadership | Original Video Blogs | World's Top Thinkers as Guests| Skip to content Home:: ABOUT:: Childhood:: Basketball Years:: Dubai Adventure:: Back To Slovakia:: PROJECT “NGLS”:: Birth of NGLS Idea:: NGLS Team:: Work In Progress:: Next Steps:: WHAT IS “SCG”:: WORD OF MOUTH:: Ron Carucci:: Michael Pilath:: Karen Davis:: GUESTSSrikumar RaoAdora SvitakTyler ShoresJim Kouzes:: I RECOMMEND:: Must See Videos:: Must Watch Movies:: Books I’ve Read:: Must Follow Blogs:: CONTACT:: HOW CAN I HELP ← Question Of the Week #36 […]

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