Design Is Everywhere (& Everything)

Hello SCG,

yesterday I have been consciously observing a world around me on my way to few appointments I had in Bratislava. So, thanks to yesterday morning experiences >>>

I have documented one case have make another slide-decks with other situations which needed re-design badly>, which “hit” my eyes and inspired my mind to think and feel with empathy. Enjoy!


have you ever observed similar cases suitable for improvement around you? What could be redesigned in order to have smoother and more pleasant experience with a service or product? Shoot your ideas based on observations of the world around you and our human interactions with it into the comments.

Yay, cannot wait to read you, my super cool designers;-)




  1. magdalena h. says:

    Dear Ivana,
    I admire your super cool observational talent, ability to see the “small” but essential “details” and your ability to interconnect everything.
    Thank you for sharing it!
    I really LOVE the design of your presentation (font, colours and pictures:)
    Have a nice time!

    • Hey Magdalena,

      thank you so much for liking my premiere “shipment” about design thinking.

      It is amazing what one can observe, once you walk consciously through our world.

      See you soon! Maybe on NGLS 2010, hmmm? Will you join us?


  2. Mira Durnekova says:

    Hello Ivka,
    the very simmilar situation is also in Zilina. Even though I am satisfied with public transport services here I cannot understand this sort of communication – is it done on purpose not just to let us calm and bored 🙂 But I went through it … I´ve already got the number in my phone … just for sure ;-] This is what they wanted us to do?

    • Hey Mirka!
      I am sure there are still plenty of more ways how to enhance our public transport experiences in Slovakia.
      Let me get an appointment with their CEOs;-)
      So, we will have a project to work on. Hmmm..?;-)

  3. Oliver Janzen says:

    “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
    Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple

    Enjoy your super cool day,

  4. Oliver Janzen says:


  5. True story Ivana.
    However, the late ticket buying in the bus and my XP with that:
    Got in bus, bought the ticket withing first minute on SMS, conductor came, return SMS did not yet, got to pay the fine opf 40 EUR. No chance to work it around. The point is that they want you to buy the ticket BEFORE you get in the bus and wait until SMS comes and only then enter the bus. That means that when you are really running for the bus, you have no chance to do it. That also means, that given normal time of return SMS to get back to you, which is approximatelly 30-60 seconds, you need alltogether approximatelly 1 minute to send the SMS and get the ticket to your phone. And with that time, you can actually buy a normal ticket, I would say :). So MY SUGGESTION they should change the rules a little bit.

    • Hiya Marek,
      indeed I know about this issue and it is really lame solution. What if their system is late in responding to couple of minutes: Am I suppose to stand on the bus stop this I will get SMS? Is it a big deal to check the time when the message was sent?

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