Do You Put “Make Up” On Your Slide-decks? You Better, Do!

Hiya SCG,

last shipment was posted from an academic soil, because I have been  attending conference Unicamp organized by students on marketing and social media. Curiousity to find out what is Slovak community 2.0 up to, made me travel there. I was pleased by organizers and their initiative to put this event together as they (students) wanted to learn from experts. Disappointment came from speakers (at least those, which I have seen) who simply killed any appetite for learning by… [Read more…]

Design Is Everywhere (& Everything)

Hello SCG,

yesterday I have been consciously observing a world around me on my way to few appointments I had in Bratislava. So, thanks to yesterday morning experiences >>>

I have documented one case have make another slide-decks with other situations which needed re-design badly>, which “hit” my eyes and inspired my mind to think and feel with empathy. Enjoy!

[Read more…]

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