Do You Put “Make Up” On Your Slide-decks? You Better, Do!

Hiya SCG,

last shipment was posted from an academic soil, because I have been  attending conference Unicamp organized by students on marketing and social media. Curiousity to find out what is Slovak community 2.0 up to, made me travel there. I was pleased by organizers and their initiative to put this event together as they (students) wanted to learn from experts. Disappointment came from speakers (at least those, which I have seen) who simply killed any appetite for learning by…

their slides full of text and bullet points. Duh!

Guys, respect your audience and prepare your slides professionally.

If you are going to have any speaking gig in near future, please save your audience from your ignorance and put a “make up” on your slide-deck. What “make up” am I talking about?

Or view it and download this slide-deck directly from my

Put in hours of effort into transformation of ppt. to “PPD” now!

  • If you are already investing your time and creativity in “painting” an engaging slides, consider this shipment as a refreshment of your skill set.
  • If you are potential speaker and your slide-deck is without “make – up”, consider elimination of your weapon of bullet points destruction, before you will do harm to innocent civilians in audience.
  • If you are speaker and you have already sinned, no worries, the best time to correct it is now.

Happy shipping of your kick-ass slide-decks.

If I could give you a helping hand with slides design, you know where to find me;-)


What is your take on quality of slide-decks in your parts of the world? What is the most interesting slide-deck you have seen live or online? Where are you getting inspiration from when creating remarkable slides? Do you think it is important to put “make up” on slides at all? Do you think that there are other ways for enhancing speaking/audience experience than via slides?

What say you?


P.S.: Let me give thumbs up to speaker Michal Truban, who was the only one presenter who stood up with his speech and slides up to” make up standards”.


  1. Hello Ivana,
    I really need this lesson for my upcoming presentation. I will definitely come to you for your valuable suggestion as you are best in it around me.

  2. Ivka, you know what is a must hand in hand with this IS? “Steal This Presentation” link 😉

  3. Fun points, Ivana. We have a cartoon in the US named Dilbert, and one of the all-time most popular is his “Death by Powerpoint” cartoon in which a bunch of people are in a meeting watching a deck of more than 300 slides of dense, meaningless content.

    Good points for us to remember at NGLS in January!

  4. Very nicely done.

    At work we distinguish between “ballroom” and “boardroom” presentations. We spice up our ballroom for edutainment, while our boardroom are more for rationale-thinkers that want to dive deep into the data.

    • Thanks J.D.
      I like your “ball” and “board”- room presentation categories;-)
      No matter what I would still prefer edutainment in the boardroom, too. I believe it is possible.

  5. Well, true story. Soon after I went for first lesson in my university I decided, that I can read the books rather at home, than from the slides (60 slide ppt with copy-pasted book written by the speaker is not what makes me listen).

    The best presentation I have seen using slides was from a friend of mine Kevin Groen, who used simply pictures to create a background visual connection with the audio presentation of his. And it was on!

    I have to admit, I am one of those “100% structure loving” guys, who like to have things down to the bullet points, but yeah, not always the audience is like that, hm 🙂 Well, I’m gonna have soon the chance to show my make-up skills on the conference we’re going together, so U can tell me then what you think…

    However 1 follow up question – imagine U R in a company w/ strong brand standards and they have the ppt templates w/ pre-designed header, footer, color schemes, background and fonts… What then? Your make-up options get quite limited… Any suggestions?

    Cheers to all of you!

    • And btw – if there is an option of not using ppt, have you come across w/ www. – it’s just a bit awesome for me 🙂

    • Marek,
      true most of the companies are running on pre-ordered templates especially in Slovakia people are very resistant to new approach.
      But for example the best global brands and keynote speakers are hiring professionals to design their slides.
      see here:
      I have faith that one day striving for the best quality shipping will hit Slovakia, too;-)
      How to change it? You know the answer, lead by example. Be different.
      I cannot wait to see your slides on Aiesec conference!

  6. Peter Hanula says:

    Good point. I will use you help or advice, I am heading to have a presentation about my school papers and I have to use powerpoint (which I dislike or find it un-usefull this time).
    But few negative points to your presentation (I hope that you handle this as a constructional critics):
    1. before/after slides are bad, I got a point, but I do not think you work it out fine, or better use used bad examples
    2. please, do not draw your own pics, no offense, but to me, it looks horrible


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