Well Invested Time in August 2010

Hiya SCG,

8th issue of “books I’ve read last month” is here. 4 weeks, 4 books, 4 authors. Yay!

Guys, let me serve you a skimmed version of my August 2010 reading, which might inspire you to grab some of these titles, too.


First book on my list was brought into my attention by Super Cool Gang-er and inspiring friend Emmanuel Gobillot in his last blog post of the year 2009.  Do I agree with Emmanuel, that Enough by John C. Bogle is a must read book? Oh, YES! Especially for those who are working in financial services and are dealing with the most precious thing: someone’s trust and future hopes.


Second portion for my soul’s amusement was classic Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger. <I don’t understand how come none of my literature teachers have ever told me (us) more than just boring facts about this must read book?!>. I have even dedicated whole shipment (= blog post) to this breath-taking Salinger’s novel.  In case you have missed it, you can find out: What Can You Learn From Salinger’s “Linchpin”: Holden Caulfield?


Third book, which kept me company during August was the third part of teachings by don Juan: Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda. Wisdom and depth of lessons from don Juan must be read through and then experienced. Anyone who is up for “getting new wings” for perception of the world around you, Castaneda’s books can give you a helping mystical hand.


Fourth pick of the month could not be anything else but just- released book by my greatest “sneezer”sneezer? No worries, find out here> ever – Jim Kouzes. Ten truths about leadership, which have been tested by time and lifelong experiences are summed up in THE book; The Truth About Leadership. It is a must read piece for everyone, who dares to lead! is featured in it as epilogue>

Quotes of the month column goes to the last mentioned book

The Truth About Leadership


You cannot fast track your way to excellence.


Leadership is not about who you are, or where you come from. It’s about what you do.


Becoming a leader begins when you come to understand who you are, what you care about and why you do what you do. This is a journey that all leaders must take.


Leading others is definitely not about getting others to conform to your point of view. Conformity produces compliance, not commitment. Unity is essential and unity is forged, not forced.


Best leaders define the reality of our illness, but defy the verdict that we are doomed.


More is more when it comes to learning.


Love is the soul of leadership.




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