Well Invested Time in August 2010

Hiya SCG,

8th issue of “books I’ve read last month” is here. 4 weeks, 4 books, 4 authors. Yay!

Guys, let me serve you a skimmed version of my August 2010 reading, which might inspire you to grab some of these titles, too.

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Reminder: You CAN Learn Everywhere and from Everyone!

My teachers: Mohammed and Ariana

Hello SCG,

I have been blessed with another eye-opening experience.  Two days ago, while strengthening Mohammed (=reading and writing session), little 8 years old Ariana joined us. She has started to repeat English words and she was really excited from this learning adventure. So, I have asked her in “exchange” to teach me Farsi meanings of those words.

Thanks to Mohammed and  little cutie girl Ariana, I could affirm and practice yet another important truths to be lived by. Here they are: [Read more…]

Focus on Mastering Your Abilities NOT on Fixing Disabilities


Hello SCG,
last night I have got “hit” by another A-HA moment of my life.  Thanks for Mohammed’s presence and one brief online chat with my Dad (what a wise man he is!).

Some people advise: “Improve your weaknesses to become better.”

I think it is total non-sense!

9 days with Mohammed proved me the opposite!

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