Focus on Mastering Your Abilities NOT on Fixing Disabilities


Hello SCG,
last night I have got “hit” by another A-HA moment of my life.  Thanks for Mohammed’s presence and one brief online chat with my Dad (what a wise man he is!).

Some people advise: “Improve your weaknesses to become better.”

I think it is total non-sense!

9 days with Mohammed proved me the opposite!

During my first days in Tehran, I have been feeling sad after witnessing Mohammed struggling with his walking. I had tears in my eyes, when he asked me to pray for him, so he will be healed and then able to walk normally.

My mind was clouded with sadness and I was trying to figure out how I could help to fix Mohammed’s problem. Rehab? Special doctor? Shaman? Miracle? I was desperate and really gloomy. Mohammed was sobbing every day, how unfortunate he is that he cannot walk and talk.

And then, last night after online chat with my Dad, I have got it!


I knew Mohammed is great with computers and he could be really excellent in it, if he only knows how to read and write!

So, last night we have started to get Mohammed’s literacy under his belt.

Prior to start we have made an agreement: that there will be NO crying about his feet and disabilities anymore! <we shook hands on it>

I have showed Mohammed pictures of Prof. Stephen Hawking and explained to him, that he is much better off (physically) than Prof. Hawking.  So, no more tears and complaints!

We have studied last night till 2.30 AM and Mohammed carried on with reading new words and letters in his room till God knows when.

Writing Excercise Sheet

In the morning he was dragging me out of bed to carry on with reading and writing lessons.

Yes, this is the way:

Instead of crying over his walking, it is much better to get his amazingly intelligent mind occupied with learning.

In the learning flow

Mohammed’s glowing face is the answer why I think that focusing on improving weaknesses is non-sense.

SCG, focus on what you are good at, what you enjoy doing, practice it, sweat it out and new horizons will appear in front of you.

Power lies within  YOU as Karol Gajda just nicely summed up, here.

Keep on unleashing your powers, folks!




  1. Powerful story Ivana. Why it’s powerful?
    Because it breaks the vice of paying too much attention to our weaknesses.
    People fall in the victimization trap too easily. The problem is the real world put challenges that looks awfully painful but you have to fight them anyway because the alternative only makes you weaker.

    I knew a lot of complainers (I’m sure you too) that have much less problems to face than Mohammed’s and still they are convinced they can complain with a straight face.
    Complains aren’t things that can make you proud of so never listen to them (specially when you are about to complain) because they’ll only distract you.
    I’m glad for Mohammed’s example about this.

  2. Awesome. That shows how much grateful we should be for everything we have. And you are 101 percent right about not focusing on our weakness, because that will only discourage in one way or other. And loving what we do is the ultimate key to miracles. 🙂

    Best to you and yours

  3. Powerful story that proves again, “Life is 1% of what happens to you and 99% of how you take it”. Best wishes for Mohammed.


    • Yes, our attitude and power of our imagination can create life of wonders for everyone who is willing to take responsibility for own learning and growth;-)
      Thanks for stopping by, TV!;-)

  4. Charles Phillip Valerio says:

    Years can be spent on focusing on weaknesses. Time can be better spent on improving strengths and increasing your creativity where those strengths lie. It’s amazing that you’re helping Mohammed to read and write. That’s a linchpin move right there because you weren’t required to help but you did ;).

  5. Amazing story.

    Wish the best luck to Mohammed. Bowing my head to you Ivana.

    I have come across with so many people that have had problems in their lives that could make them cry and stop living life on its full. But they did not. I wish I would be able to remind myself these stories whenever I start to complain about any of my problems.

    Good luck to all of you. And btw – on using strengths 🙂 though a bit different topic, but still connected.


    • 😉
      Hi Marek,
      I also believe that one should keep in mind such stories, in order to shut up, whenever she feels like nagging;-)
      Thanks for link, yes I too, do know work of prof. Seligman;-)

  6. Great post Ivana and well said…

    May God reward you for your work and bless & empower Muhammad even more 🙂


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