Reminder: You CAN Learn Everywhere and from Everyone!

My teachers: Mohammed and Ariana

Hello SCG,

I have been blessed with another eye-opening experience.  Two days ago, while strengthening Mohammed (=reading and writing session), little 8 years old Ariana joined us. She has started to repeat English words and she was really excited from this learning adventure. So, I have asked her in “exchange” to teach me Farsi meanings of those words.

Thanks to Mohammed and  little cutie girl Ariana, I could affirm and practice yet another important truths to be lived by. Here they are:

#1 You can learn everywhere.

Like I am learning in Tehran, Farsi language from 8 years old girl and Mohammed is giving me education in remembering to be grateful for my life’s gifts and advantages.

Guys, always seek out learning opportunities, they are all around you. Don’t ignore it once it presents itself in front of you. See it. Feel it. Enjoy the flow.

#2 Everyone is superior to you in something.

Like Ariana, is superior to me in Farsi language or Mohammed is a great teacher for being courageous and strong.

Therefore, respect everybody! Gently observe and then find out what their art is. Ask them questions about it. Appreciate them.

#3 Learning is contagious.

It was just two of us in the beginning (me and Mohammed), then suddenly Ariana appeared on the scence with her passion to learn with us. Today morning, also Mohammed’s Mum was exchanging English- Farsi words with me.

Offer your knowledge first and you others will join you naturally.


what new did YOU learn recently?

Did you help someone to get better at something?

Share your unexpected learning experiences with us.

Till then, enjoy your weekend!



  1. Hi darling,

    this article is not surprise for me. Because, i am learning everywhere and from everyone. Not learning by studying the books, but observing our world and lot of discussion with people.

    Recently, I proposed ideas to my BF how I think the people should be coached. Seeing me as guy with two titles before name and one behind and Palo as hairdresser (Everybody thinks hairdressers are funny simple guys, no wait!) quarreling about coach techniques, it was exciting. He smash my ideas down, with his hands-on experience.

    I am learning all the time.

    See you soon.


    • One can become a coach or teacher, only when he experiences things. It has nothing to do with title or position. The brightest people I know are at first sight non-interesting people. The most ignorant and shallow people I have ever met are mostly those who are hiding their mediocrity behind power of status quo.

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