Question Of The Week #28

Hello SCG,

I am curious to know:

Do you start conversation with strangers?

(f.e., at the airport, coffee shop, park etc.)

I do! Because I simply believe that strangers are friends we have not met yet;-)

What about YOU?


  1. ‘I do’ too…. Looks more like taking a marriage vow 😉 😛

    I like talking to people and interacting with them. At coffee shops, airports, flights, trains, and the best stories i have heard, are from the security guards 🙂 🙂

    • YES!;-) I totally agree on security guards wisdom;-) I heard unbelievable stories from them too. They look “ordinary” at first sight and yet they have gone through jaw-dropping experiences.

    • Charles Phillip Valerio says:

      Strangers can be really super cool. For example, Ivana was a stranger to me before. Now, she’s a super cool friend.

      I talk to strangers every once in awhile. I definitely should refine this skill. I’ve made a few friends if the strangers were local, like the security guard at my old job or the other one in my apartment building. They are quite interesting and unique characters. The one at my old job was really, super passionate about roller coaster designs and was since he was a kid. I hope he leaves his job one day to go follow that passion of his.

  2. I’m with you Ivana, I view strangers as friends I haven’t met, yet.

    I always talk to soon-to-be-friends everywhere and all the time.

  3. Haha, for me it’s easy since I have a dog. When we’re out walking, we meet other dogs, with their people. So a chat is easily made while the dogs are playing.
    And sometimes even when not with the dog, I talk to strangers in the street. And almost always it is a lot of fun and it can be quite surprising.
    Otherwise, as I am trying to build a business, I am on quite some networking events, where the goal is to talk to strangers. Many have become ‘business-friends’.

    • Yay, indeed “you dog walkers” are special breed in networking;-) Yes, talking to “random passer-by” can be really hiding loads of surprises for us;-)

  4. Sidra Qasim says:

    Hello Ivana,
    Yes you are right Ivana, we should do conversation with strangers.I am not so good in it, But now I think so I should start.
    I am badly missing you. When you be on skype? please wave me.
    Have a lovely time :-). See ya.

    • Hiya Sid!
      You should definitely take a leap jump into the networking waters;-) I am sure you will be brilliant in it. If I could help you out to overcome that loud lizard brain shouting in your head, do let me know.
      Yeah, my Skype is very unstable in Iran….

  5. I like meeting new people, so yes i usually do it, but it depends on the place too

    • Hey there;-)
      First of all, welcome to our SCG!;-) Thanks for your first comment, here;-)
      I agree with you, that place matters;-) Starting conversation in the night club might be misinterpreted by the receiver, LOL;-)

  6. Yes I do this alot and have many good friends after meeting them as a stranger. 🙂

    I’m just returning from somewhere, where I did started conversation with a stranger and now he is my friends, (we exchanged FB usernames as well).

    This is how do I meet with great people like you.

    • Yes, Waqas I have no doubt about your networking skills. You are demonstrating it daily, in the blogosphere, Twitter and Facebook and I trust you are equally excellent in real life too!;-)
      Keep on rocking;-)

  7. Yup 🙂
    dats how I knew u

  8. What’s really cool about it is that most people wish they had the nerve to talk to strangers. We all want to connect. So when you do it, they are grateful that you made the effort.

    I think we all have an obligation to talk to strangers, once we learn how easy and rewarding it is to do.

    • YES! Making the first step is usually the hardest thing, at it applies on networking as well. We all fantasize about doing it, but then resistance steps in, and we back up, fearing to fail…
      I always keep in mind, that the worst case scenario can be, that someone will tell me to bugger off, which I can handle (once I will be aware of silly cries of my ego are just distractions in the flow)

  9. I love to meet new people :). I do start discussions with strangers if they look interested in doing so.


  10. For me is little hard. I don´t know why propably I´m to shy or something. If some stranger start to talk to me I´m good with it and I like it, but if I should be that one who will first say something in this case it don´t work. Somethimes I´m pretty untalkative person, but I know it and I want to do something with it. And I´m starting now 😉

    • Great spirit, Lucka! You have all these amazing SCG-ers around who love to network, so I am not afraid at all about your progress. WE ALL ARE here to inspire you;-)


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