Please meet SCG Vol.5 + Call to Action: #ISlunch

Hello SCG,

believe it or not, today we have crossed another milestone in #IS history. I has been two and half years ago, when I have blogged here for the first time. It has been an incredible ride and I would like to thank everyone who was on it with me. There are 68 new peeps in our SCG, who left comment on #IS and engaged in conversation. Are you among SCG-ers? Congrats! Not yet? It is easy, just talk to us and share your thoughts in comments. Curious who is in SCG? Jump right on SCG Vol. 5 slide-deck, which was composed with generous help of #IS readers: @SidraQasim and @FranzMilec. Those who truly care, check link with my call to action for upcoming 7 days: #ISlunch.

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Thank You For Your Love, Super Cool Gang!

Dear SCG,

I somehow feel very emotional & vulnerable only by looking back at our 201 shipments together. I would like to dedicate to you this lovely tune with cute video. Have a great Valentine’s Day & share your love unconditionally ALL THE TIME.

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[Video] Greeting & Upcoming News On #IS

Hiya SCG-ers,

just short & sweet for today. Hear me out about what is going on.

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Welcome 2011 & Super Cool Gang Vol. 4

Hiya SCG!

I am excited to start new year 2011 with a warm welcome to Super Cool Gang Vol.4! I trust you had a great holidays and you are charged up to ship your art, which makes difference,too.

Guys, let’s meet 4th batch of readers who left comment on #IS !

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