Gratitude list of 2009

Today is the last day of the most formative year of my life – 2009.

I have been blessed with so many lessons, life changing situations, moments of  success, days filled with unknowns, tears of joy and tears of sorrow, I have felt the human warmth and real appreciation as well as have witnessed cowardice and mediocrity driven by fear of those who ain’t aware of their life’s purpose.

I am so grateful for all of that and also for:

  • Discovering videos and @Google Talks series on Youtube – what was never ending source of learning and  “meeting” thought leaders from the seat of my room. So, excuse of most of the people in Slovakia: ” I don’t have money to attend any of these conferences”, is pretty lame, as one can “be present” on all of these events at any point of time via online posted videos and speeches. Thank You, buddies speakers!
  • Experiencing the talent for composing sincere authentic emails, which I have been gifted with. I have realized its power in January 2009, when I have sent email with subject: “Unusual request for offline meeting” to a top executive of 10,000plus employess bank expressing my gratitude for being able to be an external consultant in “his” bank, signed as Ivana searching for authenticity and leadership and he replied to my email in few minutes with one line: Ivana, meet me tomorrow morning in my office! Yeah, well composed genuine email got me one on one 45 minutes, Q&A meeting with person, who was not available for meeting to the CEO of the consulting company I worked for. Grateful for giving me the chance, Mr.Marc Lauwers thanks to you I have got confirmed that being authentic is what counts and can open any door for you!
  • I want to give a bow to all authors of the books I have been able to read this year. As I have been thrilled walking in shopping malls and buying shoes 2 years ago, I have felt this way when entering a bookshop and I trust it will never change. One book every week is the greatest food for soul and I promise I will carry on in this pace in 2010, as well.
  • “Meeting”  with GaryVee one early june morning. After I have seen keynote speech of   GaryVaynerchuck. during work day in the office I have screamed in my mind “eureka” I am not alone and I am not insane as most of the people around me claimed me to be, when they have seen me blogging, tweeting and yammer-ing all days long.  THANK YOU that YOU ARE, GaryVee!
  • I am grateful for meeting super cool people via Yammer in Capgemini Global network, which we called Yammerland;-) I love you guys, you were really great to interact with and I have learned a lot from you. I miss all of YOU!
  • Quitting my job, having the courage and faith to do so in the middle of recession was as Hugh MacLeod would say my #Evil Plan;-) I have sealed my last day at work by leaving a live message on Youtube for all the people, as I still and will care about them. My premiere video speech has been watched over 1000 times and I thank you all, who has dedicated their time to my 5 minutes long gift.
  • Being able to spend time at my hometown with parents. After being voluntarily unemployed and setting up “office” in my childhood room, I have had the best people on Earth around me, my Mum and Dad. I could not do that if I would be still working 9 to 5 in the capital city. I love you, big time and thank you for all the trust and support you gave me, even tough sometimes you must have been really worried about me.
  • Thank you my virtual friends who have connected with me via social media this year. Conversations with you, replies to my emails, tweets, FB messages,  even tough I was complete stranger for you at that moment means so much for me… THANK YOU my friends!

2009 was the most exciting, adventurous, fulfilling year of my life. What about you? What are you grateful for? Share it with us, here.

Have a super cool 2010!


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