[Video] In Bratislava: 2x delivered shipment “On Networking2.0”

Hi guys,

greetings from capital city of Slovakia. Yesterday I have delivered “shipment” to Slovak students and other job seekers on the national job fair, called National Career Days.

2 sessions, one hour each were pretty exhausting, but it was super cool experience. (Gosh, I can talk for one hour nonstop…I didn’t know that I am capable of that till now…I am just wondering what else is possible?)

Let me share with you short video, which have been taken right after finishing my shipping.



P.S.:  I have uploaded this video on youtube for now, as I could not convert it to proper format and put it on my viddler account. I will be back on viddler again, this youtube upload was just an emergency solution, in order to keep my delivery time for shippment;-)

[Video] The most formative time of my life

In my previous post, you have seen the slide deck of my final speech at NGLS event.
Now, you can watch it in moving pictures as well. Part One is about how was 6 months of tons of “sweat equity” transformed into life changing 2 days workshop. Part Two are lessons learned I wanted to share with you.

…I am just so grateful for everything…

Future cannot be predicted, but it can be influenced…

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