12th Lesson from NGLS#2: “Slovakia Has Got Talent!”

Hey SCG,

how did your week went by? Mine was pretty hectic filled with face to face meetings with inspiring #NGLS-ers and those meetings “forced” me to add one more lesson from NGLS #2 Conference.

12th Lesson is:

Slovakia Has Got Talent!

Mind-blowing Do-ers – Innovators – Bold Visionaries – Loving & Caring Peeps

Slovakia’s future is bright!

We are already working on 3rd NGLS Conference & on making our projects presented on Day 2 last weekend into reality.


Check out pics from 2nd NGLS gig by super cool photographer Peter aka Proximus. I encourage you to like Peter’s Photography Facebook page, too.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Cheers from still recovering me;-)



  1. Finding and leveraging talent is a powerful way to change the game.

  2. Indeed Slovakia has a profound amount of talent – potential waiting to explode onto the future of the world. GO!

  3. Ivana and other Slovakians I totally believe you guys are genuinely talented. Amazed to see you creating history for your homeland. All the best to you people.

    • Thanks for your encouraging words, Waqas.
      I totally believe that talent is everywhere, we just have to look properly and you are doing a great job to lead by example in your part of the world, too.

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