Question Of the Week #4


it is unbelievable, but 1st month of 2011 is nearly over. I am still catching my breath after #NGLS gig and getting back on shipping track, so what a great way to do it with #QOW.

This week I am curious to know:

Which magazine(s) do you read regularly?


Do you read print versions of them or you prefer to read them online or iPad perhaps? Are you a subscriber of any magazine or you are picking them randomly according your mood/need?

I cannot wait to be inspired by your choices.




  1. Ok, probably I gonna be first ! 🙂

    So regularly- mostly not regularly, but,,, and sometimes women magazine EVA- but I like just some parts there 🙂

    Have a nice evening ! 🙂


  2. Hi Ivana,

    From magazines, I read frequently Profit and some times PCRevue, Infoware, Geo and Zivot

    From online magazines I read on daily base eTrend and from newspapers HNonline, ItNews and sometimes Sme and ta3.

    I do read some blogs too:) like , or

    • Hey Martin!
      Thanks for your 1st comment!;-) Welcome to SCG;-) Yay.

      Glad to know your taste in magazines, too;-)

      P.S.: sorry for approving your comment so late, it has got stuck in spam folder?! and you certainly are not any junk;-)

  3. None.

    That would be another thing to waste my time on. And if something really important happens, I will find out anyway. If it’s worth talking about, somebody will mention it on Twitter, Facebook or in person.

  4. Marek Rohon says:

    on regular basis Trend, but usually I used online versions of magazines..businessweek, via RSS

  5. Rastislav Bednář says:

    I know you are’nt so happy when I’ll say, but yes, It’s second webpage which I open on my PC when I come home. But I must say, since I bought iPhone, I am more regularly reading Plus 7 dni, Webnoviny, Trend, and pravda 😉 But very often only headlines.

    In my opinion, today is more easier unlock your “i”phone and after few taps on display you are reading fresh news anytime, everywhere olmost for free (except 3G network payments). It’s amazing how technology rised up. Somebody call that “dependence” but for me is quick way to comunicate with others thru WEB 2.0 and feed myself with information. Iam iHungry so why not?! 🙂


  6. I dont buy any printed magazines, because its just waste of money. I regularly read: SME, Trend, The New York Times, The Economist, Fast Company, Inc. and Forbes 🙂
    Apart from reading it online i have several apps on my iphone for most of these magazines

  7. Good and important question,

    I regularly read printed edition of Harvard Business Review, Forbes Asia, The Economist, Fortune and National Geographic from my university library. Sometimes I see Time as well. Other than many blogs online, I go for Mashable and TechCrunch. 🙂 We need to learn a lot.

  8. Hello dear,

    I am not reading a magazine on regular basis. But online sometimes when I get access to internet.
    I like to read Harvard Business Review, Times, Dawn, Tribune,Mashable and Techcrunch(vis facebook).

    Soon, I will read all regularly.
    Have a good weekend.

  9. Hey hey,

    I also read Harward Business Review online regulary as well as Economist.
    I have a subscribtion for Dutch Glamour (for purpose of learning the language :P) and every month a print version of Vogue goes home with me. But let’s be honest, the last 2 are not that much about reading 😀

    Sweet dreams!

  10. I check out the online versions of The Ecomomist, Vanity Fair, and The Nation. I also follow them on Twitter so I can quickly catch if there is something of interest to me. Believe it or not, Vanity Fair has some great political journalism. Oh, also Rolling Stone is a good magazine.

    • Yey, Daniel! Firstly welcome to Super Cool Gang and thank you for your first comment on #IS!;-)
      Great selection of magazines to dig into.
      P.S.: I really enjoyed your post yesterday with captured conversation between you and our mutual buddy Waqas

  11. I stopped reading print. I started as a boy with Mickey Mouse, continued through ABC, ZENIT and ended up last year with Wanderlust – magazine about travel. Then I moved all my reading to online. Reasons:
    1) Too much advertising (more and more often the actual information in the articles is just hidden advertising which some company paid for. It is easier to filter these out online then in print.)
    2) No hyperlinks, no “share” button, NO DISCUSSION! 😛
    3) I’d say “to save the trees”, but this is more or less sustainable logging now. But the chemicals used in print and production… they’ll stay with us forever.

  12. diana silonova says:

    i do fancy harvard reviews but in terms of information i am all over the place but the top 3 “coffee drink- stop-ridzz( hehe) are all Online : etrend,,

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