[Video] How I dared greatly at @TEDxNitra

IS at TEDxNitraHiya SCG,

it has been sometime since we have ‘met’ in this space. There have been plenty of reasons for my silence, however I am delighted to be back today. The following video sums up a 3 year long journey (some of you have been on with me also via this blog). In September 2012 I stood up on the TEDx stage in Nitra (Slovakia) and I shared what I have learned during the most challenging 3 years of my life (so far). I hope you will find in it at least one thing which will resonate with you. Remember, (R)evolution  Starts in the  Heart.   

For English subtitles -> watch directly on Youtube. -> You can switch on subs in the control panel of this video – located  right from time count, next to resolution option. (I do not know why subtitle option is not showing in the embedded video here, though. Sorry about that!)

So, what is next for #IS? 

Those of you who really know me, know that I am a person who talks only about things done. (and takes time reflect on failures and  disappointments).  So, allow me to surprise you with totally new endeavours, which are on the way. It might not be video blogs or NGLS events (at least not for a while), because

“Anything you have got really good at is probably not worth doing any more, because everyone else now does it.”– Eddie Obeng

Nevertheless, I can assure you that it will be completely new a undertaking and I will carry on to dare greatly.

Greetings from UK (where my new home is)

– is

P.S.: Huge thank you goes to Michal B.  for dedicating hours and hours of his time into captioning this talk with English subtitles -> “You saved me Michal, I simply could NOT watch myself over and over as you did. Thanks for your courage and patience!”


  1. Awesome!

    Thanks for setting an example.

    I really liked when you said that great things happen when you put great people in the same room.

  2. wow what a message but specialy i want to say one thing that is in Your message “Anything you have got really good
    at is probably not worth doing any
    more, because everyone else now
    does it.”
    i like it. nice Ivana Sendecka g.
    thaks for sharing with us….

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