[Video]Discovering Filip + Afterword On School 2.0 Workshop

Hey SCG,

Yesterday (24th June) was another legendary day of my life’s journey.  The day started by  driving 120km to the best high school in Slovakia to give away my 3rd gift to Slovakia: workshop about School 2.0

During a workshop I have been astonished and deeply moved by brightness, sincerity and courage of this  young man: 14 years old Filip from town Ružomberok.

Yes, I live  for moments like thiswhen my heart misses a beat, because of one’s purity and visionary thinking. And I am strong believer, that even one person can make a difference. Filip is making a difference!

Let me share with you Filip’s opinions and proposals for upgrading his school experience. [Read more…]

[Video] Let’s celebrate:Inspiring Shipments Is 9 Months Old (Young)!

Yay SCG,

18th of June is very special day for Inspiring Shipments (#IS) and for me (I.S.) 😉

  • #IS turned to be 9 months old: 3/4 of a year with you, was the most formative and exciting time of my life!
  • I.S. turned to be 28 years old 😉

As you might have noticed, I am often acting against the mainstream traditions and I simply felt that the best gift for my birthday would be to give YOU a gift!

So, I have prepared three gifts for YOU.

Gift #1: Hand made video(recorded)by my mum! 😉 Thank you!

Gift #2: Slide deck introducing Super Cool Gang Vol. 2

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[Video] Linchpins Meet Up In Slovakia: “It Always Starts with One! March On!”

Dear SCG!

I just have to share with you, what a MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED TODAY!

14th of June was announced by THE Seth Godin as worldwide-meet-the-tribe-of-Linchpins day. All Linchpins = indispensable creative artists had an opportunity to organize an offline meeting in their part of the world.

Watch a video with my story from “Linchpins Are Everywhere Meet Up” in Poprad,

one and only meeting in Slovakia.

I am so grateful to those seven amazing people, who made it happen!

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[Video] How To Become The Future

Dear SCG,

let me share with YOU, my concept for the FUTURE;-) You are just click-away from discovering how to become the future. Enjoy!

What say you? 😉

Share your thoughts in comments.


[Video] Believe Me, You Are More Than 2 Pages Of a CV.


I am curious: How would you impress your potential employer, investor or business partner, if there would be a sign on their office door or banner on their website shouting out loud in bold letters:

“No CVs Allowed Here!”

I honestly believe that each of us posses unique talents. No human being’s life can be captured and not at all evaluated through standardized format of 2-pages long pdf. file with bullet points. Yeah I mean, CV!

Therefore, today I have decided to “ship” an unusual CV. “Live CV” with my story embedded in it. A CV, which will tell you how am I different, what made me who I am now. I think this kind of a CV can be also an excellent time saver, while it can easily replace 1st round of interview;-) What do you think? 😉

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[Video] Do You Want To Become a #supercool Online Networker? Then, Make a “PIE”

Hi SCG 😉

mystery of  a “PIE” is revealed in the video. Bon Appetit!


[Video] Four Lessons Learned from running, Forest Gump didn’t tell you about

Hello SCG,

I believe I am not alone, who is ranking movie Forest Gump among the best movies ever. There are many memorable quotes from the movie, but I trust all of you are able to identify the movie after hearing a quote:

“Run, Forest run!”

Today, I would like to share with you 4 Lessons, which I have learned during my running quest in 2010.

Watch my next “IS” = Inspiring Shipment for U

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[Video] Experience NOT Age Matters

Hello Super Cool Gang,

I believe you are kicking off this week with high spirits! 😉

Today, I am “On Super Cool Gang’s Air” with topic, which bothers me for a long time and that is:  AGE

Age is very often one of the discrimination factor and here is why I think it SHOULD NOT BE!

Watch adorable Adora Svitak speaking her heart out at TED.

[Read more…]

[Video] Re: Ogilvy’s Search For The World’s Greatest Sales Person

Hey Super Cool Gang,

today’s post is spontaneous reaction to the contest by Ogilvy, which was brought to my attention thanks to Aden Hepburn via his blog post. Following Youtube video is calling out for:  Search for the World’s Greatest Sales Person was inspiration for today’s “shipment”.

I just couldn’t agree with Aden, that supporting 6 videos with tips for sales pitching made by Ogilvy were hilarious.

Here they are: #1 Video about Statistics Factor,#2 Video about Envy Transfer, #3 Video about Metaphor, #4 Video about Jargon Joust, #5 Video about Name Stamp, #6 Video about Personal Touch




I cannot wait to hear from YOU.



[Video] In Sučany: After “shipping” another gift for Slovakia

Hi Super Cool Gang

greetings from Sučany tiny village in the north of central Slovakia, cca80 minutes drive from my hometown Poprad.

What did I do there?

Sučany is known for its bilingual Slovak – English Secondary School which is famous all over the country. I was invited to speak to students by founder of Sučany Alumni, my dear friend and “hard core” NGLS supporter Tom Jacko.

You can check out stream of pictures, HERE.

What are your thoughts on slide-deck?



P. S. :  I was missing you SCG!

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