[Video] Let’s celebrate:Inspiring Shipments Is 9 Months Old (Young)!

Yay SCG,

18th of June is very special day for Inspiring Shipments (#IS) and for me (I.S.) 😉

  • #IS turned to be 9 months old: 3/4 of a year with you, was the most formative and exciting time of my life!
  • I.S. turned to be 28 years old 😉

As you might have noticed, I am often acting against the mainstream traditions and I simply felt that the best gift for my birthday would be to give YOU a gift!

So, I have prepared three gifts for YOU.

Gift #1: Hand made video(recorded)by my mum! 😉 Thank you!

Gift #2: Slide deck introducing Super Cool Gang Vol. 2

Gift #3: Facebook page for Inspiring Shipment, where all of us can hang out.

Join and “Like” Inspiring Shipments on Facebook,


Guys, 9 months with #IS was like pregnancy;-) So, our child is born and I need your help with raising her/him!


I have full trust, that we will be a great family.

SCG, thank you for everything!




  1. Happy Birthday to u 🙂
    It has been very nice to be with you all this time. A lot of things learnt from u and shared with you.
    Wishing you a wonderful day and many many years ahead of wonderful sharing

  2. Wonderful Introduction to SCG 2.
    Welcome aboard guys its a wonderful journey with Ivana.

  3. Michae Yanakievl says:

    Happy Birthday Ivana ! May God bless you and your Great Movement!
    I myself was so lucky to discover you, join your movement, become a continuous learner and hopefully a contributer.
    I picked up so many things from you that I was not even aware of. Watching your video presentations , quickly became a necessity for me. Your
    blog has matured into something very special for all of us – a constantly growing world movement. Our ideas are of universal significance and shared values, so as to design a better new world together. I myself apart from everything understood that one has to be short and explicit in order to efficiently communicative and enter the Flow.
    Please send my best regards and wishes to your wonderful family ! Thanks.

    • Thank you, Mike.
      Me, myself I am grateful for ” meeting” teacher or better said educator, like YOU! 😉
      I believe our movement will grow and will leave a dent in this universe;-)
      Regards successfully sent to my family;-)

  4. Happy birthday, Ivana. You are doing a great job!!! May you be blessed with all the resources (people, money, inspiration, love…) that will help you to continue on…

    GO GO GO GIRL!!!!

    All the love,

  5. Hi nice video and cool scenery. Thanks to introduce me in SCG

  6. anewcreation says:

    Happy Birthday Ivana and thank you for putting that presentation together summing up the last 9 months. Here is to another 9 and many more.

    Thank you for being inspiring.

    Have a great birthday.


  7. DD from triibes put up an flag about you and we just realised you are a star and a Linchpin! You are on track to be an opinion leader (like Chris Brogan may be). Fabulous videos and have an awesome birthday. Look forward to more.

    • Wow, Rahul! Thank you so much for your 1st comment and for watching my videos! It means a lot to me, as I am literally giving it my all.
      Your profile and life’s achievements are amazing, I have added your book to my amazon wishlist.
      Let’s change world together, I am game;-)

  8. have a great Bday 🙂
    and thanks for each while 😉

    tralala :):):)

  9. Happy birthday, Ivana! And congrats on Inspiring Shipments being 9 months old!

  10. Lot’s to celebrate today indeed! Happy Birthday Ivana and thank you for bringing Inspiring Shipments to life for all to behold!! Also, a big Welcome to all SCG’s 2!!

    Loris 😉 1

  11. Happy Birthday Ivana!

    Congratulations on your success at IvanaSendecka.com and in your leadership offline. You have much to celebrate! It’s been an honor learning from you and sharing in your journey 🙂

    Cheers – to your continued growth and success!


  12. Happy birthday Ivanna, I say thanks to your parents for raising you in such a great spirit and thank you for keeping it and theaching it to other by example.

    By the way, I love your analogy with pregnancy, the world needs more of that spirit in that kind of babies 😉

    • 😉 thank You so much Seb!
      yes, my parents are extraordinary generous souls and I am just giving back to the world all I have been blessed with
      I cannot wait to groom “our baby” 😉

  13. Hello Ivana,
    Vsetko najlepsie :-). I am little late because of having a problem in my net connection. You know 18 june was clicking in my mind since morning,I tried hard but did not get what special is on 18 june then Waqas text me and told about this special day.An I replied oh shit That exactly what I was missing :-).
    I remember the day How you wished my Birthday ,that was awesome,always green in my memories.
    What gift I should give you, dont know :-(.
    but I will definitely pass your msg to next.
    These three gifts are really really great. Thanks for all. May you get all happiness and success Truly love you and respect you.
    Hug :-).

    • Dear Sidra,
      reading your comment is again like a treat for my soul.
      thank you for wish and your Slovak language insert! 😉
      Pass on the light and ideas we are accumulating here together, that is the best gift for me.
      Spread the word about our great community and blog.
      Love you, too Sidra.

  14. Wow, happy birthday, my friend!!! Again, you’ve outdone yourself with this terrific video and slideshare. I’m proud and honored to be on this journey with you. This is indeed a celebration – congratulations and here’s to a VERY long journey ahead!
    xoxo 🙂

    • 🙂
      Tisha, thank you so much for appreciating our SCG tribe;-)
      I am honored you are one of us.
      Future is bright and I believe there are many miracles ahead of us
      HUG (I trust to give you real one, soon)

  15. Hey Ivana, first of all happy birthday and congratulations on the 9 months. I like the references to being 9 months pregnant, haha. I love the scenery from behind you; looks so peaceful and calm. Keep up the good work here!

    • 😉 Hey Hulbert,
      thank you so much. hehehe, that pregnancy think just popped up in my mind all of the sudden;-)
      oh, yes those are High Tatra mountains, same as the header of the blog;-)
      it is pretty creative environment over here;-)
      I will carry on with walking my talk;-)
      see you around Hulbertko

  16. Ivana,
    You continue to inspire us with you positive energy, infectious enthusiasm, engaging stories, and generous sharing of your talents and insights. Happy birthday…and thanks, too, to Mom and Dad for their support!
    Love ’em and lead ’em,

  17. Salman says:

    Hi Ivana
    Wish you a very Super Cool birthday. (Missed it by a day actually)


    • Thank you Salman! thanks for your 1st comment here!
      next time when I will be visiting Dubai, we should play some basketball;-)
      stay well and see you around!

  18. Ayesha Naz says:

    Salam Ivana.
    Really happy to see completion of 9 months of your inspiring shipment. Congrats. Three gifts are really superb. Keep it up.
    Best Wishes.

  19. What a view!!! Tatras in the background look amazing.
    Happy Birthday and welcome to SCG2 😉

  20. I’m late to the party as I’ve bee sans Internet and trying to get my new site up and running. Just wanted to say THANKS Ivana!

  21. Sorry for replying so late Ivana 🙂

    Appreciate your work, time and passion in everything you do… You inspire me 🙂

    Keep it coming – I’m first from South Africa? Super COOL!

    • Hey Khalil,
      yes are are holding your national flag;-) I believe, you will drag along more people from your part of a world, who want to make a difference;-)

  22. Hi Ivana,

    Congratulations on your nine months of blogging! (and birthday!)

    Love your blog, what a great example of community building. I look forward to hanging around here and seeing what great things you do.

    Also, those mountains behind you in the video are stunning.

    • Hey Dave!
      Thank you for joining us, here!;-) Do you know that you are first representative of Australia?;-) I am looking forward to see you around as well!

  23. you are the best thanks for another inspiring video. We almost share a birthday I was born on the 12th of June just a few years earlier !!!!

    Thanks again for all the inspiration and for making all this possible

    A very happy belated birthday to you

    • Hey E!
      I am always happy to see you, here;-) Yay, you too are gemini;-) I do not why, but I am not surprised;-)
      Thank you for all the inspiration as well!;-)
      And happy birthday to you, too!;-)



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