[Video] Re: Ogilvy’s Search For The World’s Greatest Sales Person

Hey Super Cool Gang,

today’s post is spontaneous reaction to the contest by Ogilvy, which was brought to my attention thanks to Aden Hepburn via his blog post. Following Youtube video is calling out for:  Search for the World’s Greatest Sales Person was inspiration for today’s “shipment”.

I just couldn’t agree with Aden, that supporting 6 videos with tips for sales pitching made by Ogilvy were hilarious.

Here they are: #1 Video about Statistics Factor,#2 Video about Envy Transfer, #3 Video about Metaphor, #4 Video about Jargon Joust, #5 Video about Name Stamp, #6 Video about Personal Touch




I cannot wait to hear from YOU.




  1. hehe ridiculous videos indeed.
    I guess that’s part of their strategy; make over the top videos so people will talk about it.
    Now that’s their advertisement.
    Smart guys 🙂

  2. Higher-purpose … deeper meaning … YES.

    I like that you speak English just how you *feel* it.

    I like your point that name is brand in Web 2.0.

  3. Salam
    Ivana you have selected an excellant topic.when i first watched the videos seriously i just thought some fun is going on except in the first one.In first video man was presenting with very tough face.but after that i got nothing except to laugh.If u didnt describe i wouldnt get anything.Ivana you made the point that a sales man should use the product first himself to describe its goodness,well thats what a consumer really wants honest and trustworthy dealing and if we saw this thing on producer side then thats truly profitable for them too, if they have oriented type of sales man they might can get little benifit at start but after that they will face doulb lose first financial lost which is measurable and second non-confidence of clients,a immeasurable plus bigger than fianancial lose.If we look advertisements Via T.V,Radio etc they majority working on the money behind every consumer.You are very right a trustworthy and true relation should develop in business ,we are not blind follower now.Another excellent point you have made is language,simple clear and properly communicated.Sorry to say it was missing in those videos.To show practicle behavior is good but to neglect your inner human very bad.I dnt know why in video they were with rough tough faces and rude tons?If i have to apply for it should i behave like people in videos?hahaha.Quite funny.

    Have a great day and Happy Birthday to you Mum,enjoy your time with her.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      😉 Salams Sidra!
      I am sure you will create around you circle of people and network, which trust you and have confidence in you.
      Thumbs up for you and Waqas for great idea with creating Indo-Pak Peace Media.
      Keep on marching.
      I am proud of you

  4. A salesman is a person who can sell a refrigerate to an Eskimo 😉

    I am a bit late to comment because I was closely observing the videos and noting the best and the worst practices. Well after looking at the videos I reached a point that there are some good practices and there are some bad practices. Everyone takes “Selling” differently. The points that Ivana has pointed out makes lot of sense and I totally agree with her points. Selling should not be fake or bluff! Now there are two theories.

    1. You want the product to sale only once (and never again)
    2. You want to sell a product and retain the customers

    In both cases the scenario will be different. But in any case, Bluffing the customer is never a good practice. If you bluff your customer once then you may accomplish making some sales, but you can not retain the customer. Plus remember the rule:

    One good sale will make one loyal customer, one loyal customer will bring 5 new customers & one bad sale will end up losing a whole bunch of customers.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hi Zun,
      thanks for your thoughts!
      I believe that all SCG-ers are no bluffers and option 1 (to sell once and never again) is out of question for us.
      And we should lead by example how to serve customers and retain them;-)

  5. I believe that it’s just a joke – actually I had fun while watching it. For me it’s just funny advertisement, like many others.
    If I got it right, they are searching for a general sales person. It means a guy who is able to sell anything, not just something that he really knows/likes. Therefore the activity is money-driven.
    And I agree with Zun: life-time-customer is worth more than a one-time-sell. Even if the the target is just cash.
    According to acronyms: the point was to impress the IT guy and after he agreed, the boss agreed as well.

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