Well invested time in March 2010

Books Of March 2010

Hey Super Cool Gang,

spring month of April is in its full mode and therefore let me do   wrap up of last month’s food for soul for YOU.

First piece on menu of  March 2010 was by futurist Alvin Toffler, which was recommended read by Sir Ken Robinson, as he has mentioned his respect towards Toffler’s Future Shock in his book Element. Accuracy of  Toffler’s predictions of the future is breath-taking, considering that this book was written in year 1970…Read it and you might recognize our society in there, too;-)

Rendezvous With Rama was incredible science fiction piece of art by another Sir, Sir Arthur Charles  Clarke. Your imagination will be really challenged, when you will “fight” with visualizing interior of an alien spaceship Rama. WARNING: You might get keen to read next 3 parts of this mind-blowing saga. I am doing so, now. I guess I am hooked up;-)

Homo Faber was second fiction book of the March 2010 and I have crunched this novel by Swiss author Max Frisch within one weekend. I have never heard about Max Frisch, but I was intrigued to read it, after an online chat  with my German friend, when I have told him, that: “Nothing in life is coincidence”, he just replied: “Read Homo Faber, this is my favorite book of all the times”, so me being act here and now kind of a person, I have ordered it on Kindle immediately. It is MUST READ book! Tell me then,  how did you like the story of  “coincidences”.

Seth Godin is present (his legacy and life message, that is) all the time on my journey and I was honored to “spend some more time with Seth” via his Vook called Unleashing The Super Ideavirus. At a time of release Vook’s online version cost 0.99USD, now it is 4.99USD but I am highly recommending it. Combination of reading and watching videos is “my cup of tea”. Might work for you, too plus whole concept of Ideavirus and spreading ideas is essential  know-how for all Linchpins😉

I was encouraged to read A Whole New Mind by  Dan Pink by many people I follow and I am glad, that I have “incidentally” found Dan’s book while browsing tiny book shop during my last day of visit in Dubai. “Right-brainers” will rock the world and will be the future. Dan has summarized 6 senses of the whole new mind, which will be in demand of the new era of conceptual age, age of creators and empathizers!



Super Cool Gang, let me dedicate column “quote of the month” to Dan Pink’s must read book:

The right hemisphere of the brain is the picture, left is the thousand words.

“SAT-ocracy” is a regime in which access to good life depends on ability to reason logically, sequentially and speedily.

Last century, machines proved they could replace human backs. This century, new technologies are proving they can replace human left brain.

More important are qualities that are tougher to quantify.

Conceptual Age is “High Touch”= ability to create artistic and emotional beauty, to detect patterns, to craft a satisfying narrative and to combine seemingly unrelated ideas into a novel invention.

Have a super cool week ahead full of creativity and novelty my dear Super Cool Gang!




  1. Thanks Ivana for the reviews and suggestions. Let me know if you find anyone figuring out how to replace the “right” side of the brain… so far there is still a need for us creative types 🙂

  2. Ivana, I always look forward to reading your book reviews — thanks for taking the time to do them! I’ve decided to go with Rendezvous With Rama for my next read! As mentioned earlier, Linchpin is excellent!

    Loris 🙂 1

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Loris, it is pleasure for me to inspire people who are inspiring me;-)
      See you on the board of Rama;-)

  3. Salams Ivana,

    I found some good food for my thoughts here!
    Meanwhile I am reading Linchpin too 🙂

  4. That’s a nice roundup. I hadn’t seen Vook’s before, but I like the concept and I’ll check out Seth’s.

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