New Book by Srikumar Rao is out.

Hello Super Cool Gang-ers,

I am so delighted to hear that new book by Srikumar Rao is officially out since yesterday – 2nd of April 2010. Why am I so excited? There are tons of books published every day, aren’t they.

I have special soft spot for Prof.  Rao, because his book Are You Ready to Succeed? literally changed my life in November 2007 and was one of the reasons why I have decided to leave Dubai and return back – home to Slovakia.

His new book Happiness At Work is available in bookstores in North America, so if you are passing by a bookshop, pick up this fresh piece for upcoming pro-longed Easter weekend.

SCG-ers, I would love to know your take on it, as I can’t do that right now (yet) 😉

Stay Super Cool.



  1. Salams Ivana,

    This is very nice, I am trying to find out some online version on this book if I can quickly go through this book. Once I get a chance to go in the market I’ll purchase my own copy too 🙂

    Thank you for sharing the wealth!

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