Question Of the Week #32

Hey SCG,

greetings from Slovakia, yay! It is great to be home and being around my close people again, what brings smile to my face. (I mean more smile) Therefore I would like to ask you:

Why is humor and laughter important?

I cannot wait to read you in comments, after one week absence of Question Of the Week.

P.S.: (Y)our answers will be very helpful to our Super Cool Gang-er friend Tyler Shores. Why? I  or he will tell you later.

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  1. Comedy is a serious business. Laugh, and the whole world laughs with you. Good thing they don’t laugh at you. Laughter is the best medicine. He who laughs last, either laughs loudest, or didn’t get the joke….

    Not sure how to respond to this, actually. Give me a few minutes, and I’ll get back to you…..

    • 😉 Yay, welcome with your 1st comment on Inspiring Shipments!
      I liked the first sentence: Comedy is a serious business. Indeed, we need to get serious and include laughter into our lives!
      Practice it, master it and spread it;-)

  2. Hello,
    Happy to see you again. I think humor and laughter is very important to make life lighter.
    But it should be in limits so that it cant hurt anybody.

    • Thank you for your another sensible comment, Sid. Yes, we gotta be sensitive enough not to crack jokes, which might be offensive or insensitive. I believe you could be a great teacher of that!;-)

  3. I think humor and laughter is very very important. They make our days, nights etc. better and shine and sunny and…you know 🙂 I love all these things and I hope that in my life will be more days with smile than without.
    So guys- more smile more fun, right now 🙂 World is such a beautiful place and with smile it will be super cool place for our “art” in action 😉

  4. Smile & humor is wow feature of humans. 😉

    It’s important because, it doesn’t only add a good taste in one’s life but also make you feel more alive.

    Wish you all 😉 :-)) ;-)))

  5. Hello Ivana, its pleasure to see you back home!

    The saying that “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine” is actually very true.

    We all know the importance of exercise to get our circulation going, strengthen our muscles and keep us mentally sharp, but to keep the internal aerobics we should be doing an exercise, called laughter.

    A built in humor in a man always helps him fight depression and even come out of it so very quickly. William Fry found that one minute of laughter does an equivalent amount of work as 15 minutes of work out on the rowing machine. Now is that not a fun and effective exercise to do? 😉

    Wish you all the very health and laughing workouts!

    • Hey Zun!
      Greetings from my base camp- Poprad;-)
      What a wonderful comment you have shared with us! Thank YOU!

      One of my wise Facebook friends has written under his name this about smile:
      smile is a cooling system of heart…….. sparkling system of eyes…….. lighting system of face…. relaxing system of mind… so, activate all systems & keep smiling 😉

      Zun, your words are truly underlining it!

  6. I can’t help but wonder that because humor is such a normal part of our everyday lives, perhaps we don’t often get a chance to think about what humor and laughter mean to us … Why is humor important? Why does it give us pleasure? Why do we find certain things funny? And, there’s something inherently social about humor – we enjoy sharing jokes or funny stories with other people: what does that say about humor as a social activity?

    Just some some food for thought to contribute to this week’s question 🙂

    • Hey Tyler!
      Thank you for being an inspiration for this week’s question!

      Your whys, are really making me think! Hmm, why do we find some things funny? Gosh, I have never thought about it in depth.

      People are much more beautiful when they are smiling, more attractive for sure! It somehow transmits positive vibes which are pretty contagious, so we are unconsciously inclining to laughter, without realizing why.

      Witnessing an effect of our jokes on others >>> seeing them smile gives us pleasure. It is the same like with helping someone, or doing a good deed, it makes you feel good, that you have helped or served someone. I believe we all want to contribute and make a difference. Creating smile on someone’s face is kind of making a difference on a small and yet very important scale!
      I think, that jokes and funny stories are activating our right-brains, which might be quite neglected in our rational and too fast world.

      What say YOU?

  7. Thats what makes us “Human”

  8. Humor and laughter is important to me because if you take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.

  9. I think humor and laughter is best thing to increase our life period, our smile on welcoming someone makes our good impression on others and create strong relations.

    We must keep it as habit. 😉

  10. Bertrand Russell says:

    The sense of humor is important because it helps us to face the fact that the world is horrible horrible horrible.

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