Question of the Week #11

Do YOU believe in luck?

Do you believe in luck?

Do you believe in luck?

Do you?

Curious to know what you say about luck.



Question of the Week #8

What drives you nuts?

I am truly curious what freaks you out?;-)

Have a blissful day.



What is your Stone Letter?

:: Stone Letter ::

In the ancient times,

before humans invented writing.

They searched for the stone that,

resembled their feelings

and gave it to another person.

The person who received the stone,

read the other person’s feelings by the weight and texture of the stone.

For exampleSmooth texture symbolizes peaceful mind,rough texture symbolizes a concerns for other.

What would your stone – letter be like? Who would you give it to? What weight and texture would it have?

This post was inspired by the movie Departures, which I have just finished watching and it has got honorable place on my must-watch movies list.

Have a super cool weekend guys and ALWAYS express your feelings even without stones.