Question Of the Week #44


share your opinions on 44th Question Of the Week.

What is the first thing you notice/examine when you meet someone for the first time?

First time can be: new classmate, new colleague, new client, new business partner, perhaps a new date…;-) So, what are the little details you check on  and pay attention to when meeting someone for the first time? Do you build your 1st impression judgment based on it?

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  1. hm… when I met someone forst thing I notice is something like his/hers “aura” or, simply said, how feeling that person gives me and then eyes, cause as you know, eyes are window to the soul of person :):):)

  2. First thing that generally gets noticed would be the eyes and then thier hands. If the eyes make contact or not, and with hands, the appearance and the hand shake 🙂

  3. I notice, how does he/she shake hand & then communicate with others around 😉

  4. jozo capuska says:

    handshake, smile and eye contact for sure can tell me a lot. but I never judge on it because people usually learn these things very good 🙂

    • aw, welcome to #IS, Jozo with your 1st comment!
      that is true that handshake can be taught, but I also think that after little bit of experience, you can distinguish between authentic one and trained one.

      • jozo capuska says:

        thanks, you´re absolutely right. but at that moment I cannot judge that person.

      • try to substitute, judgment with understanding.
        ask questions like:
        “why did she fake the handshake? what is her worry? what is she hiding?” Once you will get busy with that instead of saying to yourself: “That is total fail, what the heck she is so unauthentic?”

        You might totally transform your opinion and totally connect with person (or quickly realize you cannot connect no matter what you do, so you will just know not to be around her again)

  5. I guess the most important things to notice are the hands and eyes. From a single handshake I can feel if the person is open, honest, sincere, or quite the opposite. And the eyes – the eyes tell you everything;)

  6. Everybody is a genius in making intuitive readings of body language (and face and eyes readings).

    Not everybody will describe accurately those signals, though.

    But if you think about it, you’ll find that there is where you have the key to filter the signal of authentic people. You tune that signal when you see consistence in all their languages: body and spoken.

    And all that applies to you too of course.

    That’s why is so valuable to be authentic 🙂

    PD: sometimes you don’t like your signals, that’s ok, join the club of forever learners! try giving yourself the permission to laugh of yourself and self re-educate for the next time 🙂

    • nicely said, Seb!
      oh yeah, lifelong learning is an addiction, isn’t it?
      I have discovered another thing about my body language this weekend during AIESEC Conference,when I was watching my video from speech. Loads of self- education to be done, indeed.

  7. One of the first things I notice is what they focus on.

  8. The first thing I always notice are eyes – Is this person keeping the eye contact or not? Honest and confident people always do. Are they opened and shiny? Curious or running around?
    Definitely smile/face expression and then some sort of shining/charisma. Some people just shine through positive energy and from some you can feel the negative one. Last but not least are the body language and the way the person speaks. Is it supporting/engaging talk or arrogant? Hard to say what is the priority of these observations, it comes more like a snap shot – all together at once :).

  9. The smile on the face 🙂 – Then all the body language goes accordingly!

  10. You know what that’s a tough on because if I am honest I don’t know what I notice first. I do know however that I get an impression for sure but I am not sure where it comes from so I guess a mix of everything others have mentioned above. What I know for sure is that now you’ve asked the question I will pay more attention!

    • 😉 smiling here, E!
      Yeah, many times findings from being more aware about what we notice can surprise us with. Share it with us, if you will discover something new, so we will learn too.

  11. diana silonova says:

    eye-contact / eyes tell me a story= negative, positive….

  12. Hey 🙂
    For me, after the “first overall impression”, or as mentioned above “the aura”, the first thing I really and consciously search for the eye contact (as diana right above).
    Eyes do not lie and they tell you the true intention of all the words and actions the person takes…

  13. luciafria says:

    I was on the toilet and I met a girl, I konw from somewhere. I asked her, but she didn,t know me at all.

    Suddenly I brak out. “I konw you form basketball. We have been playing against each other.” She was in a small shock. Than we spoke and we didn,t even shake our hands.

    And I know she is open inteligent person with good heart, because I felt it. Hole nonverbal communication /eyes, how you pose, how you hold your arms and legs and the way you talk/ was very good.

    You can teach everything but your personality need to accept it. that make a big difference. and people can see it.

    • 😉 Hey Lucka!
      Thanks for your 1sr comment on Inspiring Shipments!;-)
      What an interesting story;-)
      Indeed, it was shock that you have recognized me after all these years;-)
      And it was pleasure to meet you, too!
      I totally agree, that aligning authenticity with your personality is the key to successful communication;-)
      See you, soon!


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