Quotes from “The Authentic Swing” – #book by @SPressfield

The Authentic SwingHello SCG,

I missed you. I promise that time offline was well spent! My return to #IS is about some goodness from Steven Pressfield — his new book The Authentic Swing (dedicated to golfers and writers) which arrived in a surprise package from Steve’s team. Thank you for that again!

 Here are hand-picked few quotes for you. (Even though I underlined whole pages of text). Enjoy! I loved this book.

If you will, get it and read it yourself.

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About Book, Which Blew My Mind: Songlines by Bruce Chatwin

Hello SCG,

you may have noticed that I have got a break  from posting book reviews over past few months. Firstly I have been reading much less and secondly I have been shipping very important work offline. This book by Bruce Chatwin was given to me by a person I adore. Songlines  was not only about Chatwin’s traveling adventures in Australia, but it contained rich philosophical resources on human nature, evolution, psychology and relationships. I was blown away while reading it. It took me over two months to read it, as I was pondering over quotes I have read for days…I was also shocked to find out that it was Bruce Chatwin who popularized those notebooks which every digital nomad possesses… [Read more…]

Well-invested time in November 2009

Hi folks,let me share with  you book titles which I have read last month.

Variety was again assured as I have  started  the month of November with web2.0 sincere confession Crush It!by Gary Vaynerchuck. Continued with science-fiction novel by genius Isaac Asimov and his Foundation.  Sealed the month with Zig Ziglar‘s book Embrace the Struggle

I have chosen to dedicate the November 2009 qoute  passage to friend Gary Vee and his Crush It! masterpiece. *


3 rules of Gary Vee:

1. Love your family

2.Work Superhard

3.Live your Passion

You may not have connections, or an education or wealth, but with enough passion and sweat, you can make anything happen.

Everyone need to start thinking of themselves as a BRAND!

Passion is contagious.

Social media tool are only as powerful as the person who uses them.

Scarcity breeds desire!

Story telling is most underrated skill in business.

Opportunity lies in transparency!

We are living in world where word of mouth is allowing content to travel faster & further than ever before.

Most people talk themselves out of success before they even start.

Twitter is R&D tool that allows you to crowdsource.

Nail the correct combination of your medium & passion >>> Know the self!

Be authentic. Hustle & have patience.


Value legacy over currency.

Simply C R U S H   I T!

P.S. Anyone in Slovakia who want to read this book, just give me a shout and I will gladly lend it to you.

There are already people on the waiting list >> Lucy see you on Tuesday, I cannot wait to “introduce” you to Gary;-)

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