Fantasy or Future?

Kindle book with working hyper links. Future or fantasy?

Previous post on reading made me wonder, how super cool would that be, if :

Kindle e-books would include in the text working hyperlinks, which would take you straight to the website, wiki, blog, Youtube video or MP3 tune  after clicking on it in the text of the book itself.

Gosh that would be much more easier to read and absorb even more from the book.

I know that I can use built in wiki in my Kindle now, but I have to navigate to wiki and type in what I am searching for.

It seems  I am pretty lazy bump, now;-) I am not, I am just pondering how to get maximum from reading experience.

Does anyone know if it is possible? Is it coming up? Is it already working for any Kindle books?

Please enlighten me!

Thanks for any insights.




  1. Does your Kindle have the dictionary built in? On mine, I can highlight a word, and see its dictionary definition immediately.

    Did you see that Amazon are going to open up the Kindle to allow others to develop applications? And open an application store?


    Maybe someone will make your dreams come true…

    and you know about the Windows kindle application?

    I guess it would be much easier to open up other interfaces on the PC platform…

  2. Ivana Sendecka says:

    😉 Thank Alasdair for your elaborating on my dream;-)
    I appreciate your sincere effort to give it a thought.
    Yes, I have got built in dictionary. As I have said I would love to have content links to be included. Like authors when they write a blog or e-book, they include link behind text, so if you are interested you can dig into the topic deeper. Would be super cool to have these feature in books as well. As I am experiencing now, that it takes me loads of running from PC to book and back, due to my investigation behind names, events, origin of ideas…

    Thanks for sharing links above;-)

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