Question Of The Week #18

Hey SCG!

I am so excited, that Question Of The Week series is gaining its momentum and we have intensive interactions in comments. THANK YOU! That is the way to go: engaging, learning and GROWING TOGETHER! 😉 18th #QOW is:

How would it affect you, if your social networks (FB & Twitter) would disappeared tomorrow?

What would you do? Do you really know your contacts? Do they know you? Would you be missed? Would you be reachable?


Folks, “comment out” your thoughts;-)


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  1. You know what, I will have more time to do what I really like. Or maybe I will do my school work more effectively, but if I take it from the other side I will miss some contacts cause some people are reacheable only on FB.
    But i really can imagine life without it. Maybe it will be better, who knows? Im really glad that I had childhood without all this staffs. I mean internet, FB, or anything similar. People were more together. Like in real time on real place, not just in some virtual world 🙂

    But I know it has (internet, FB etc.) lots of good sides. 🙂

    • Hi Lucka,
      thanks for your comment. I would suggest that you should eliminate everything in life what is holding you back from doing what you like. If FB is stopping you to enjoy real world, switch it off;-)
      For me is FB “working tool”, I do not entertain myself with Mafia Wars, nor Farmville, but connecting with like minded people and chatting with people with all over the world, and (maybe) helping them.

  2. Zuzana says:

    I am sure I wouldn’t miss twitter much, but I’m affraid loss of facebook contacts would be a really big shock:) I already found the way how not to spend my whole day sitting on Facebook, but it has become more of a RSS reader & talkpoint with people I am not in touch regularly.. can`t imagine I had no such place to talk to people:)

    but YES, eventually, I guess everybody would sooner or later get used to the feeling of no-social-networks-world 🙂

    • hey Zuzana!
      Welcome to our Super Cool Gang! thanks for your premiere comment;-)

      Oh, I totally agree with you on FB being a stream of news RSS-like style;-)
      Therefore, if you really have solid contacts, who are posting interesting links and updates, it is huge value added feature;-)

  3. Patrcicia says:

    Hi Ivana,

    Well to be honest I will have very hard time if I loose FB……I have found there my friends from primary school which I was not in contact for years……they did not know I am married now, I did not know that some of them had a baby so I really appreciate that I can be in contact with them after all those years…..and because I live abroad I have to be in contact with my mother as well……even if its for 5minutes only but at least I know she is alright:)……As Ratr wrote, I am grateful that my childhood I have spent more time with my friends and family… everywhere I go I see 7 years old children playing PSP, Playstation and my nephew Maxi is not exception…..when I see him infront of that screen like 5 hours without break, its making me crazy!!…..

    • Ahoj Patricia,

      😉 yeah, when living abroad, FB gives great way how to be in touch with motherland. But u still can save your friends email IDs in separate file, in order to have contact point on them in case of emergency;-)

  4. Withdrawal symptoms, sad, depressed.

    Facebook helps me keep in contact with family and friends all over the world. It brings families together.

    Twitter is my source of information, learning, inspiration, conversation with brilliant , caring, and entrepreneurial minds globally. (depending on who you follow)


    • Salam Khalil,
      welcome welcome to our Super Cool Gang!;-)
      LOL, withdrawal symptoms;-) I can lively imagine that going through it myself;-)
      Yes, social media are for me as well source of learning and great energy from connecting with like minded people.
      But, I would for sure have my top contacts, people I care and interact with the most in my other contact files, or I have already exchanged email with them or had a Skype call, so I would be able to resume conversation back in some other way;-)

  5. Well… if it happens, it happens… the people that really matter I have in my other contacts sheets and the others, that I have to “from time to time chat and see each others profile” wouldnt be missed and wouldnt miss me…
    So the only thing that would change is that I would have to contact the people other way…
    FB and twitter are convenient, but far from irreplaceable 🙂 Thank God!

  6. I don’t really use it so I guess I’d survive 🙂

    I do plan on jumping on the Twitter thing in the not-so-distant future.

  7. It took me a really long time to join the bandwagon of social networking online and I still struggle with it a bit, so I don’t know if I’d be affected that much…although I really appreciate that I can now easily connect with people from all around the world (like you!), I personally prefer meeting and talking to people in person; I guess it’s the “hugger” in me! 🙂

  8. Carina Pueyo says:

    Hi Ivanna,
    Maybe we should also keep some offline information of our contacts just in case… A proper Christmas Card by post by each post address in your contact agenda. I like writing these best wishes.

    Although maybe some FB friends doesn’t trust each other enough to share their offline post address,???

    Best regards,

    • Hi Carina!
      Yes! This is awesome way, how to really add more personal touch to your online connections. Well, if they don’t trust you on giving away their mailing address, I believe it would not be then a big loss to get them out of online sight too;-)
      What is your mailing address, Carina? Can you email it to me?

  9. Sidraqasim says:

    Hi Ivana!

    Well I think it would effect a little,I will miss you all guys :(. but as you all are very creative so i feel that if it would happen you guys will find alternative ways to contact or to spread your super cool msgs to all over the World. Your enthusiasm is not prey to Facebook and Twitter.
    By the ways if it would happen Google will be more than happy :), just kidding.
    Hey Ivana I am so happy super cool gang is increasing day by day.Congrates and Welcome to all, see the spirit of learning.Great :).
    Have a great time.

    • Oh, Sidra so well said: “enthusiasm is not prey to FB or Twitter”
      indeed, those are just tools, but essence is far more important and independent of it. it resides within us;-)
      Thank you for your insightful contribution, as always!

  10. Hello Ivana,

    I believe that when we actually find good friends virtually then it should go behind FB / Twitter as well. Relationships should be far superior than technology. If it happens with me, I’ll write an email to all my friends and/or a Skype call. 😉

    And will find a good alternate to connect back and would like to implement Carina’s idea of sending card at postal address.

    Wish you all a great weak ahead.

    • Yes, Waqas!
      Facebook and Twitter is just beginning, first handshake, introduction which enable us to take it further, to more personal, creative and productive level!

  11. It would had made us more work more harder to make a website just like facebook which would work on the same funcationallty as facebook , same for twitter.
    But what i think people would had created an alternate for that as its a necessity of life just like Food and Water 😉

    • Hey Muhammad,
      welcome to Super Cool Gang! 😉

      I am glad you too, have joined our conversation. I do love your idea, with creating similar own stuff with functionality like FB or Twitter!
      Yeah, we would figure out how to be connected to carry on with our collaboration;-)

  12. Really interesting question. Honestly, I spend a lot of time on FB or Twitter because I have nothing special to do. If I had some job I wouldn’t be so often there, I know it. I visit social networks because of lots of new information and meeting a lot of new interesting people with common interests. I am very talkative and curious person that’s why I use these kind of communication. Friends that I have on Facebook I can divide into a few groups…people that are very important to me like my family, closest friends..then ex-schoolmates… neighbors or less known friends…etc.
    Regarding Twitter..hmm…It’s passed short time since I am there so I haven’t so much friends there. But it has its pros and cons because there are not so much people registered yet and it’s very likely to get respond from persons (mostly well known or famous) you’ve contacted. On the other hand it seems to me like this space is primarily used by geeks, web designers, IT freaks etc. which have their own interests and it’s very difficult to enter them if you have no idea about PCs, websites etc.
    So if happened that it would disappeared, I don’t think that I will be lost or something. I think that I will be sad (mainly because of foreign people I’ve known and have no other contact to them) for a few days, but it will be nothing serious because I have contact to persons I love, like or need the most and when I will meet someone I had on FB I just find some way to reach him/her.

    • Hello Janka! Wohooo, for your 1st comment. Welcome to Super Cool Gang.
      here are my thoughts on your thoughts;-)
      @FB: if you would be having job, you might find also loads of inspiring information and great contacts on Facebook, as I have said earlier, for me it is professional tool not a time killer.
      @Twitter: it ain’t popular (yet) in Slovakia and it is widely used elsewhere. I have personally have got instant replies from even celebrities via twitter. I believe having link to my site, so they can see who is approaching them and asking sensible question or sharing a thoughts with them, helps to get replies.
      It is all about practice and loads of ground work, that people will trust you and know your online presence.

      Indeed, where there is a will there is a way>>> so, after disappearing social networks we would figure out how to contact those who matters. It is always great to keep conversation going via others means (email, skype, mobile etc), after initial introduction.

      thanks again for joining SCG!

  13. trothle says:

    I think I wouldn’t be able to make so much social interaction a day and I would (finally) shift to a blog.
    I am able to keep in touch with people I care about through another chanell, not only through social networks.
    But I think, I would love it. I would love and enjoy if facebook and twitter disappeared. I would have more time to talk to people, worth talking to. There wouldn’t be so much noise or “not important” informations or distraction. Also there would be less wasted time.

    • 😉
      1stly thanks for your 1st comment and welcome to SCG! 😉
      yeah, blog is an excellent place to keep your gang around! keep on blogging;-)
      i still believe, that even in Facebook or Twitter you have an option to create such network, which will not spam you with nonsense or time wasting content.
      just carefully selecting who to add/remove or follow/unfollow;-)

      • trothle says:

        Twitter is fine. But the problem with FB is that I also use it to keep in touch with people I don’t see on regular basis and are or were part of my life. So I want to keep in touch but not too much to use email.
        And there are groups, pages, videos, games that I am not interrested in. I selected friends to groups, and I am following only few of them on regular base but still it takes time to delete all that un-importat stuff like invitations.
        So I got stuck between I want to keep in touch but I don’t care about most of your stuff.
        On the other hand, FB gives me incredible oportunity about monitoring new trends among those groups and study them and their behavior. But I don’t want to obsere it all the time.
        I think I need 2 accounts, one for people I want to follow, interact, I do care and one for the rest. But AFAIK it is not possible. I would also prefer to select those friends who can see me online. FB don’t give me enough power to set up my privacy and change it on-the-go.

  14. Salams Ivana.

    Well call it a co incidence or what. Before commenting here on your blog, I have eventually spent a week without internet literally. So there was no Facebook / Twitter / Email or any kind of social media. So I guess I really felt the real feeling for living without Facebook and Twitter! lolz. Let me share my experience that will eventually answer your question of this week too…

    One fine morning when I woke up I figured out that there is no internet signals coming. I had my ‘to-do’ list with me and that moment i figure an interesting thing. Every point in the list needed an internet connection to execute. There was not a single thing which I could do offline!

    Telling a long story short, my internet device got screwed and I had to wait till it get replaced by the company. I missed out my fellows. My news feeds. My Google Reader. My Facebook. My Twitter. My Email and what not… That’s just one part of the story. Now today when my internet got fixed and I logged into my respective accounts, to my surpriser there were more than 70 email and text messages asking if I am alright! *hint-hint*

    Yes I missed my friends and yes they missed me too when they didn’t find me around 🙂

    • 😉 Hi Zun!

      i love these kind of “coincidences”;-) great to have you back!!;-)

      thanks for sharing your story and when i am looking at my to-do lists i guess i have the same “problem” , it all requires me to be connected.

  15. Hi Ivana,

    I haven’t ‘harnessed’ social media yet so I don’t think it would affect my work right now. I have made a concerted effort to engage more offline. It feels great to have that personal connection.

    Have a beautiful week ahead 🙂

    • 😉 Hi Kim,
      i got your point. social media is of a great help when personal meeting ain’t that feasible (yet). thanks for add on Facebook!;-) awesome to see that you are a Lakers fan!;-)

  16. Štefan Korbeľ says:

    Hi Ivana 🙂

    Apologises for posting my reply some 6 weeks after you posted the question, but, as the Queen sing in one of their songs, ‘It’s Late’, “it’s late, it’s late, it’s late, / But not too late”, so I believe that it is not too late in this case as well.

    To answer your question, first, I have never had Twitter, and I am not planning to set up an account.

    Second, as concerns Facebook, I deleted my account at the end of November last year, and I have not regretted my action since. I feel that I have been concentrating better and more on my work and myself without Facebook. Although I am not in contact with all my c. 250-300 ex-FB “friends”, anyone who is interested in being in touch with me can contact me by e-mail or, alternatively, via Skype. If they do not have my e-mail or Skype, they can easily find out from others – honestly, if one cannot be bothered to dedicate a few minutes to finding out what my e-mail address is, then the person does most probably not find me worth keeping in touch with, and vice versa.

    Indeed, most of my “friends” do not keep touch in me, but so it is more worth-while and more fulfilling to keep in direct contact with those who care (by “direct contact” I mean one-to-one communication). I believe that most of contact (or, at least, considerably lot more of it than through other forms of communication) made via Facebook is indirect, i.e. posting a status, joining a group, becoming a fan of, etc. It requires much more effort to keep in touch via e-mail, but, at the end of the day, “there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” (Beverly Sills)

    On the other hand, I do miss not having access to my friends’ photos, but I am sure that they will show me all of them when we meet.

    Overall, I think that FB developers are making of it a network capable of embracing one’s life too much. It is up to the individual to resist the pressure, but sometimes there is too much pressure (and let’s be honest, there was too much pressure for me).

    There is much more to life than FB! And, there is even more to life WITHOUT Facebook!!!

    I hope that you had a lovely weekend and are pleased with the election results at least as much as I am 🙂


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