Happy Birthday, Queen of SCG!

Sidra Qasim, is rocking Queen of “SCG”, as she is a leader among ladies with her contribution into our interactions with the most comments left! Thank you.

In the name of Super Cool Gang-ers, I wish you:

Happy Birthday, Sidra!

Sidra, let me dedicate to you applause [in video] for your sincere and meaningful insights, which you have shared with us.

Video was recorded last night, during Social Business Tour event in Bratislava/Vienna with presence of  Prof. Muhammad Yunus , while opening of The Hub in Vienna.



  1. Sidraqasim says:

    Salam Ivana.
    OMG.What a big surprise.You are great as always ;).I am totally speechless . But a bundle of thanks my dear friend.I must say I always enjoy your company.I am so excited :). Its a wonderful gift. Thank you so much and have a good time.
    Congrates for attending successful Social business tour :).

  2. Hey belated Happy Birthday SCG Queen 🙂 Many happy returns of the day. Keep Smiling! 🙂

  3. Awww… Happy Birthday here too, Sidra!

    So sweet for you to share the love, Ivana!

    Love and Blessings ladies 🙂

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