7 Observations After 7 Days in Tehran

Persian Look;-)

I am just starting my 7th day in Tehran and there is so much going on… I am taking pictures everywhere I move, but sadly, I cannot upload them on Flickr. So, please understand that I am not neglecting visual parts of your brains; I am just fighting “online battle” after being assigned to have Iranian I.P. address 😉

Le me share with you 7 observations, which I have stumbled upon during my first week in this fascinating 14 million city of Tehran.*

*Note: Keep in mind that this is no generalization, only my personal subjective impression and perception. [Read more…]

Why Making Dots Is Important and How Connecting Them Might Save You In the Future.

Hello SCG,

you might recall words from speech by Steve Jobs at Stanford, when he talked about, him taking a course in caligraphy  (start at minute 5:01):

Of course, it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college. But it was very, very clear looking backwards 10 years later. Again, you cannot connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that dots will somehow connect in your future. (end at 5:17 minute)

I have been reflecting on my life’s journey very intensively these days and I am deeply grateful to all ” five lives I have lived.” What do I mean by it?

#1 Life of Athlete (1991-2002), #2 Life of “penny-less girl” who landed in Dubai (2004), #3 Life of 5 star Dubai resident (2006-2007), #4 Life of Business Consultant in Slovakia (2008-2009), #5 Life of Passionate Blogger and Believer awakening of Slovakia (2009-till date)

During each of these lives, I have made dots. Dots, which might have no major significance at the moment when they happened, but they have gained its importance later in my life. Let me share with you, one such story of connecting dots from my early days in Dubai.

How “basketball dot” saved me from being homeless

[Read more…]

Update: On Eyes, Which Changed My Life

Hello SCG,

couple of days ago, I have shared with you a private story about my dear friend Mohammed, who despite all his disabilities taught me the most important lessons of my life. Blog post How One Pair of Eyes Can Change Your Life has ranked among top 3  posts on Inspiring Shipments ever. BUT, the most precious reward “arrived” in an attachment of the email, which hit my inbox during a weekend. What was in it? Who was a sender? [Read more…]

Thank you @Ultraspectra for…

Super Cool Gang-er ZunNurian asked me few questions about my blogging journey. Thank you for your trust, Zun.


Check out the blog post and grab pdf. file with whole interview right here.

Well done, Zun! I wish you all the success and glory in blogosphere, which you certainly deserve.

Have a super cool day SCG,



Thank YOU for making Q1 2010 so “tasty”!

Hey Super Cool Gang-ers!

Huge THANK YOU & virtual HUG is flying at YOU

for being around during 1st Quarter of 2010.

Let us enjoy upcoming fruitful Quarters of 2010!

Let us learn & grow TOGETHER!

Freshly Made for You: Must Follow “super cool” Blogs List

Hi folks,

many of you have requested to share my favorite blogs. So,  here you are.



P.S.:  Stay tuned for updates  and especially for fav Slovak bloggers list.

Grateful For “Paycheck”

3 days in Bratislava have been pretty exhausting;-) Delivering “shipment” on Networking2.0 was exciting and it taught me a lot. Numerous lonely days which I have spent by “painting” the slides and bringing whole concept together out of scratch >>>  have got special reward.

My “paycheck” arrived in a parcel.

Thank you, Jim!

Words cannot describe how grateful I am…

Have a blissful Saturday, guys.



[Video] How To Say Thank You2.0

Hiya guys!

So, how to manifest thank you2.0? Just, watch my today’s “shipment”  for you.

Let us be grateful for each others’ art and let us connect via @,RTs, mentions, links, comments on blogs>>>so we can enhance our circles of like minded people.




Thank you “universe” for David Horvath

Thanks to Seth Godin’s post >>> today morning I have been blessed with reading one of the most  “super cool” interviews ever. It featured David Horvath in it.  Mind – blowing, breath-taking, down-to-earth story of one’s dream in action.

See David's work here. "Uglydolls"

Let me share with you notes which I have taken:

Taking the same path as some one else did, results in getting close but never where you want to end up.

Ignoring those paths and making up your own route leads you to where you really belong, wherever may it be.

Your thoughts absolutely determines your reality. How you generally feel inside and what thoughts you generally carry in your head is what’s going to keep coming at you. [Read more…]

Question of the Week #3 (2010)


This week’s question has been posted as Facebook status of my friend Bud Hennekes this week. Bud is very conscious inspiring young man and popular  blogger. I trust Bud will not mind, if I will ask you guys, the same question.

Question of the Week #3 is:

Do you love yourself?

Greetings from minus 11 degrees, home.

I am already excited to see your comments;-)


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