Do You Have Your Gratitude List?

1st Gratitude List from 24/06/2008


I would like to share with you another eye- opening story which has happened 2 years and 5 months ago.  It was June 2008, shortly after my birthday & I was kicking off my consulting career, when I was full time on a project. I was sitting in my hotel room after a day at client’s site.  I did not have a clue that upcoming brief chat with my online friend from Iceland  will drastically transform  my outlook on life. Our instant messaging chat went on something like this:


Me: Hi, Erik. What are you up to?

Erik: Hello, Ivana. I am adding items to my gratitude list.

Me: What? Gratitude list? For what?

Erik: Don’t you have one?

Me: Nope.

Erik: You better sit down and write one down, now!

Me: All right, I will give it a thought.

Erik: So, take care for now. I will talk to you some other time and we can discuss our lists.

Me: OK, ciao.

Next thing I did, is that I have pulled out letter paper from hotel’s desk set and written down my 1st gratitude list (see picture above, yes I still have it with me!)


The Best Time for Creating or Revising Your Gratitude List Now.

Like I did after chat with Erik. I could have ignored it or I could have felt all gloomy, because I did not have a gratitude list yet (oh, my everyone is having it, but me? what is wrong with me?), but I have chosen to act on in that moment.

The beauty of this process was is, that it will really make you think about your blessings and you will be instantly “beamed” into different matrix. Feeling, which follows is pure flow of warmth & I must warn you, it is pretty addictive emotional state. I am not “clean” since June 2008;-)

Keep Your Gratitude List Close To You, It Really Helps When You Feel All “Whiny”

We, human beings are really masters of creating lists and dramas in our heads about how everything sucks, how much injustice in life we have to bear,  what a horrible weather is out there (too cold, too hot, rainy…all wrong),  how our jobs are infested with jerks, how lonely we are etc, etc. Yeah, I have been there, I have done that. I am guilty of all of it, too.

But now, I know how to withdraw from this pointless emotional state. I start to think of what would I add into my gratitude list today. Believe it or not, it works. Guaranteed.

There Are Plenty of Reasons for Expressing Gratitude – Everyday!

Knowing how to be and feel grateful is a skill and as with acquiring any skill it takes practice. So, practice gratitude everyday, folks!

Here is what I am grateful for today:

  • health of mine and my loved ones
  • blue sky and safety of home in Poprad
  • running drinkable & hot water from our taps
  • delicious homemade food prepared with love
  • flow of creativity and self-awareness
  • friends who care (yes, it includes YOU)
  • and for an amazing parcel, which I have received just moments ago

Are you curious, what was in the parcel?

Here we go: food for my soul, yay!

Note: I am sending tons of positive vibes to sender of this joyful package. Thank you, A.


do you have your gratitude list? Do you re-read it? Are you adding items to it? Did it ever help you to focus on things you are grateful for? What other techniques do you use to get you into grateful and joyful state of mind?

I am already grateful to you for reading this shipment.

Thank you.



  1. Hi Ivka, yes, I have one, but not on a paper 😉 I hold one in my heart so I can have all these important things with me, wherever I am…Anyway, it’s great idea 🙂 thx for post 🙂

    • Hey Tinka,
      That is awesome that you are very much aware your your gratitude list. Good thing about writing it down, that you might compose even longer list – once you are in a flow of gratitude;-)
      So pick big sheet of paper and start.

  2. Thanks for that reminder Ivana, a very important one.

    I pity people who constantly complain about what they don’t have because when they complain, they are undermining the importance of what they already have.

    I read this quote somewhere, and found it very interesting,

    “We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. –Thornton Wilder

    Have a GREAT day there!


    • Hey Tanmay,
      thanks for your comment. I loved the quote.
      Yes, you are right there are tons of whiners all around, so the good thing to shut them down is ask them about their gratitude list. It works for me. Some of them even thank me after a while, some will carry on with their “miserable life”

  3. I do admit, I never have kept a gratitude list, inspite of a “stranger” suggesting that I should be grateful, during one of our heated debates :-). As someone who is religious ( loose speak), I thank “the maker” ( no pun intended).
    I general do acknowledge my gratitude straight away ;). Some day soon i shall create a gratitude list.

  4. Last year, I was almost totally blind until an amazing surgery brought my vision back to 20/20. I find that most of us don’t realize what we have until we don’t have it any longer. How many people in the world don’t have a roof over their head, change in their pocket, something to eat in the fridge (thousands don’t even have a fridge)? The fact that we can breathe with ease, that we can walk, that we can hear or that someone somewhere loves us should be enough alone to send us to our knees in gratitude.

  5. Gratitude is the most transformatational force in all humanity. Nothing changes us like being thankful for all we are fortunate to have, to love, to experience. Thanks, Ivana, for reminding us to inventory our many delights that we can so easily take for granted. And know that I am deeply grateful for you!

    • Hey dear Ron!
      I could not agree more with you…Yes, gratitude makes us human.
      You have no idea how much I am grateful for your presence in my life…
      Thank you!
      Enjoy NYC and Thanksgiving with your folks!
      See you in 58 days!

  6. I really like your point that you can use your gratitude list as a way to draw strength from when you need it most. I think it’s also one of the best ways to learn to savor what you’ve got, while you’ve got it, and to grow your compassion from the inside out.

    • Hi JD!
      Oh, yes believe me that last 16 months of my journey taught me a lot about compassion and appreciation. And yes, it all comes from within…
      Thank you for your comment!
      Thank you…

  7. Hi Ivana and all others!

    I am just getting to this QOW now, but I think it is the best time. I believe, there is even one poem of a Slovak poet about being grateful for “little” things in life, just can’t remember the name of neither poem nor the poet 😀

    Still – to the point of MY gratitude list. I do have one. Not particularly written and well “managed”, but from time to time, when I sit in front of a blank paper I tend to write down things I am grateful for. Just yesterday, when I decided to start writing a journal after reading your last post, I found in an old notebook (the actual paper one) and old gratitude list of mine. It was something like 10 months old. It was awesome reading that and reminding myself, what all I have and don’t value everyday…

    Being grateful for “small” things when the big things happen/are in trouble is a virtue of few. I wish all of us to build this virtue and lose the burden of constant dissatisfaction…


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