Question Of the Week #46

Hey SCG,

end of the week is here and along with it, comes 46th #QOW. These days I am becoming more and more grateful for everything around me and it includes also food. That is why, I would like to ask you:

What is your favorite meal or cuisine(s)?

I cannot wait to consume your ‘yummi’ comments 😉



  1. Call it co-incedence, a thread was kicked off among silk-list by a friend of mine tweeting about “puttu and kadala curry”. As someone who has lived most of his life away from home this brought back the memories of “puttu and mutton” which could be the special dish on occasions , for breakfast. But my favourite was my mums “ari patthiri and chicken curry”.
    For lunch I do prefer my “avial and sambar” again these are memories from afar, day before I left home. Others over the years which has attracted attention include “Rahmania” a place where u could eat as much chicken as you want ( well i was student in med school, that should explain).
    And recently I have had a “strange” chicken dish, which the chef refused to reveal what has been added.

    • Yay, thanks for sharing with us your favorite dishes, Anish.
      I love Indian cuisine, especially South Indian. Lovely.
      LOL, ‘strange” chicken dish sounds interesting, but sometimes chefs like to keep the method of preparation secret, so their dishes are very special experience.

  2. Hello dear,

    I love potato and any dish having potato :-). Whats yours?

    • Hi Sid,
      excellent! We do eat loads of potatoes in Slovakia, too.

      What do I like?
      I love food totally! I eat everything;-) I love to experiment with food, both cooking and eating;-)
      I like Indian, Lebanese cuisine and my mum’s food at any time.
      I was lucky to get “food education” in Dubai, so I got pretty spoiled with all those delicious choices and its quality.
      One thing I am not is, that I am not desert person, I am not much into sweets, instead I like meat;-)
      Enough I already feel hungry.

  3. I’m a fan of so many kinds of food, but I would say I have Sushi on a very regular basis.

    • Yay, Sushi!
      Ate loads of it in Dubai, since I am back to Slovakia – I cannot really call what they serve here Sushi;-)
      So, one day when we will meet J.D., I will gladly join your routine.

  4. Hi,

    I love Potato and Cauliflower. 🙂


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