[#IS As Guest] Interview for Biz Mommy blog by Tisha Berg

Hello SCG,

month of June is over all the most exciting month of my blogging life. I am incredibly grateful to my friend Tisha Berg , who is running super cool blog Biz Mommy for giving me a gift; for introducing Inspiring Shipments and me to her world


featuring me as Biz Mommy of the Week.

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[#IS As Guest] Interview for From Bottom Up blog by Hulbert Lee

Dear SCG!

Last week, I was humbled by an opportunity given to me by blogger fellow Hulbert Lee, to be interviewed for his personal development blog From Bottom Up.

Happy listening to my 1st audio interview ever:

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[#IS As Guest] On Shuasim blog by Josh”Shua”Peters

Dear SCG!

I am deeply grateful to Josh”Shua”Peters from Shuaism, for giving me an opportunity to be a guest on his super cool blog.

Happy reading of my “premiere 1st ever virgin like” guest post;-)

Engagement is Mantra of Social Media, Why Not Mantra of Schools, too?

See you in comments at Josh’s “home” 😉


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