Question Of the Week #9

How do you extend your network?

How do you network?

I would love to know: How do you “acquire” new contacts, how do you interact with  “strangers”?

Have a lovely Sunday.




  1. Waqas Ali says:

    Hello Ivana –

    Well, It depends on the stranger’s online presence, if you got on someone’s profile via a good channel, and find it interesting for you then shouldn’t hesitate to drop good words. And I do so.

    For example:
    I saw a women’s Google Profile, when I reached to her blog / website, I liked all about her. Now she is in my friends list. And Good friend.

    Her name is Ivana Sendecka

    Have a peaceful time,


    PS. Very good question and excellent picture as well 🙂

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Aaaaw, Waqas!
      I am so delighted by your comment!
      Indeed, having trustworthy and interesting online presence is the key if you want to get approached and vice versa.

      Thank you for being my friend!!!

  2. I must admit, I’m still trying to learn the most effective networking techniques; this online thing is challenging – FB, Twitter, Linked In, etc. I’m much better, I think in person; I like having the opportunity for a hug! 🙂 Professional and networking groups are great for making new contacts and I really enjoy getting to know “strangers”; I find people’s stories very interesting…a lot better than TV!

    You have a great Sunday too, Ivana! Cheers 🙂

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hi Tisha!

      Thank you for stopping by!
      Indeed, real people’s stories are much better than TV.
      I cannot wait when I will be able to hug you in person!
      Keep on spreading love and light around you.

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